Whats Wrong With Gaming: RPGs

In our second edition of Whats Wrong With Gaming, we tear into RPGs and tell you what developers are doing wrong with our fabled classics.

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Caxtus7503688d ago

articles like this always annoy me. You often get somebody ranting who really has no idea what they are talking about.

"Don’t you understand that you’re missing out on a huge amount of cash by not putting RPG’s on the PC? Do you know what sells an RPG at the end of the day? Future content!"

Im 100% sure devs and publishers have the stats and figures...and obviously the PC isnt as important as this guy likes to think. All the PC gamers I know will just play 2 games constantly...WOW and CS: Source.

Sure, many would probably like to play it, but how many would torrent it? If there was enough money in PC gaming then EVERY game would come out on it, but obviously the platform isnt as strong in sales numbers compared to consoles and not enough would buy the game to make it economical.

Captain Tuttle3688d ago

The biggest issue is piracy. It's killing the PC gaming market. The reason there's so many MMO's on the PC is because it's the one way developers can control who has access to the game. And the monthly fees of course.

aggh im on fire3688d ago

Totally agree. The fact is the sales just arent there for the pc. They make tons more money on the consoles. Yes mods are great but they don't make any money off community mods. Its all about the cash and consoles are where its at.
The pc is always going to be second best to consoles now, get over it.

m-s-8-23688d ago

I think that UT3 on the ps3 has proven that mods are viable on consoles as well. Probably far less work to make a game on a console as well. Theres little to no variation in the hardware, and what variation there is comes in different size hdd's, some card readers and whether or not it has wi-fi.

Aydrian3688d ago

Hey, It's me I created the article. I have read and considered all of your comments so far. I may be harsh in my articles but I am not unreasonable when it comes to your opinions.

The fact of the matter is that yes, games are easy to torrent but I would like to point out something.

Videogame consoles can be modded, and the games for those consoles downloaded just as easily. If you know where to look it's not that difficult to find a modified 360.

The main problem that people see with modifying a 360 is that if you connected to Live then you are boned. But many RPG's don't have a multiplayer component so you really don't need to connect to live anyway unless you want to make your e-penis(points) larger.

The same thing applies to PC games although you really don't need to modify anything more than the protection. Most PC games with multiplayer support these days REQUIRE a unique cdkey so PC users can't access multiplayer stuff either.

The main different between PC users and 360 users when it comes to pirated games? They don't pay for live and they can still get custom content FREE OF CHARGE.

So that makes me are the consoles better exactly? The Mass Effect addon that is coming soon will be free for PC users but 360 users will need to pay.

I don't know about you guys, but I think the pirate excuse is getting a little old and one of the only reasons to get a console is because it costs less than a PC. Oh, and the overabundance of games that are released only for them as well.

Gorgon3688d ago

"...and one of the only reasons to get a console is because it costs less than a PC. Oh, and the overabundance of games that are released only for them as well."

And you think that is little? The PC will eventually become a platform for RTS, MMOs and casual internet games. Even on the MMO front I believe things will change in the coming years. Don't forget that consoles are very young in terms of full-internet access and services. More and more consoles are becoming the mass entertainment device. They are both game machines and multimedia devices to plug into the ever-more-common-and-cheap HDTVs. They are cheap, no assle with drivers, no incompatibilities, no upgrades to play the latest game blockbuster.

Now, I've been a PC player for the last 18 years. And I largely prefer nowadays to play confortably in a couch with a nice, big HDTV and only a controler than playing with my PC.

sumfood4u3688d ago

It needs to have more MMORPG, Also most RPG needs great Quest, & Anticlamatic Story!

gchamplin3688d ago

PC gaming and Console gaming are like apples and oranges (hooray for cliches...)
But honestly, when I buy a new game for my xbox I'm expecting something completely different from what I was expecting when I bought Bioshock. I personally prefer PC gaming in every way, and I do wish that more titles were coming out for PC, but it shouldn't be just taking the big name console games and making PC versions. Assassin's Creed was made into a PC game with very little success, and I'm pretty sure the big PC games like WoW, or for one thats not an MMO, Starcraft, would flop if someone tried to implement them into console games. The games that work well for both are almost exclusively first person. There is a huge market for RPGs on PC, but I doubt were going to see many non-MMO RPGs coming out in the future. MMOs simply have the added benifit of monthly fees. If you really are skeptical about the future of PC gaming, simply look at some of the great games that have come out this year. Crysis, Bioshock, the new UT, HL the Orange Box, ect. and look at some of the great titles coming out in the near future (Conan and Warhammer, woot).