WB Games expanding Montreal studio by 100 devs

The Quebec government invests $63 million into Batman: Arkham Origins studio to up headcount within five years

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kratos_TheGoat964d ago

I just hope they don't f**k up Orgin

WeAreLegion964d ago

I don't expect this one to be anywhere near a Rocksteady title.

ZombieKiller963d ago

With a title like "We are Legion" you have obviously seen footage from this game. How can you say that? It looks almost identical to all the really good gameplay mechanics from the last game.

Why do you say that?

WeAreLegion962d ago

What does my name have to do with seeing or not seeing footage? It's from The Bible.

ZombieKiller954d ago

Because during the fight with Ra'as Al Ghul he says "We are Legion" over and over again. I've never heard that anywhere else so considering you commented on a Batman article with a name like that, I figured you were a major fan or something of the sort.

These guys (WB Montreal) helped with Arkham City Armored Edition so they know the roots of the game series. Not to mention, Eric Holmes....this guy has me sold with the way he talks about the series as a game. He thinks the game is amazing and instead of changing things, they add things in layers to the gameplay. Not to mention the passion for the charaters story seems to date back from when the guy was a kid. I had little faith at first but after watching all the interviews and gameplay demos, I bet this game will be just as good. In some respects MAYBE even better (don't mind my hype, I do apologize) due to the fact that they have so much freedom to create a story that already has established roots.
Look what Nick309 says below me, WB games has not only brought the Batman series to life in the game realm, but also revivied the dying Mortal Kombat series! I don't think at this point they would give their biggest star (Batman) some shoddy treatment.

nick309964d ago

I love wb games. A batman series that dosent stink, saving mortal kombat. WB is one of the best publishers.

fsfsxii964d ago

Pretty much whats wrong with the AAA industry. Over budget and over staffed studios.

ShaunCameron963d ago

But this game is being funded by the provincial government, though.

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