PS4 & AMD Kaveri APU both feature the Onion+ HSA memory Bus

AMD new Kaveri APU features the same Onion+ Bus found in the PlayStation 4.
So it's pretty safe to say PlayStation 4 APU is Heterogeneous System Architecture.

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grassyknoll1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

It means memory bandwidth can be used far more efficiently than on current consoles / PC. Memory bandwidth is always on a premium when producing high end graphics.

HelpfulGamer1662d ago

What I want to know more is, what does Japanese Developer thinks about the Onion+ HSA memory Bus.

GameNameFame1662d ago

More powerful. Just got more powerful

Ezz20131662d ago

i read the headline and i was like ...0__0
had no idea wat it meant

UltimateMaster1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I was watching how this was going to be on next-gen PC hardware.
If the PS4 will have this, then it's even more incredible than b4.

I honestly tough it wasn't coming to consoles.

EverydayGuy1662d ago

This is a little off topic but the true benefit of GDDR5 over DDR3 can be read on the discussion below. It's amazing that next gen hardware from both company's are supporting new top of the line hardware infrastructure.

P0werVR1662d ago

Finally something!


Hey it does have GDDR5, and some. Ummm, nice implementation of HSA. Oh look, x86 designed cores. Very easy coding and porting.

But this is not the actual PS4 design I see. Must be beefier than the Kaveri.

"So it's pretty safe to say PlayStation 4 APU is Heterogeneous System Architecture."

I don't see why it wasn't safe since APUs are naturally HSA.

Sono4211662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Didn't understand it either but the term "memory bus" sounds good..

P0werVR1662d ago


Yes 30GB/s memory coherency...oops, my mistake!

Angeljuice1661d ago

Master 'chop chop' Onion Head strikes back!!!!

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grassyknoll1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

To Helpful gamer: It means bandwidth is more plentiful & games will be easily to program (less read / write cycles). I imagine almost all developers (Japanese or not) well be very pleased about that.

pyramidshead1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

it's good news, pretty much, if true.

GutZ311662d ago

Theoretically, this shows the lowest amount of computations per second.
These numbers are assuming 4GB's of unified memory. Although the bandwidth doesn't always increase with more memory, in this case, DDR5 can scale... and if you cut your comput times on cores in half, you can indeed add more ram and get better data transfer.
But for now, almost half of the memory is being used for background systems, so in essence this info means very little to us gamers.
All it really means for us is that games wont be downgraded because of memory being used by the operating system.
It means we get fast operating system, as well as games with no compromise.
It means great bandwidth for developers.

MasterCornholio1662d ago

"It means we get fast operating system"

Bingo which means a smoother user interface which i think many PlayStation owners will appreciate.

Because even though i enjoy the simplicity of the XMB, sometimes the UI gets horribly laggy especially when your in the middle of playing a game. But thats more due to the 256MB XDR of system ram than anything else.

P.S I know that the PS3 also has 256 MB of VRAM.

DeadManIV1662d ago

How is half the memory used for background stuff? How do you know this?

GutZ311662d ago

(almost)Half the memory on PS4, being 3.5GBs is used by the operating system, the remaining 4.5GBs of DDR5 are completely used for gaming tasks.
So, as we already know, the PS4 has 8GBs of DDR5, therefor half of 8 would be 4... Do I need to make this any clearer? This is old news about the OS Being rather heavy on the memory.

GutZ311662d ago

I stand corrected.
More than a third of the 8GBs of DDR5 memory is used by the operating system.
The remaining 5GBs of memory are used entirely for games.

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1662d ago
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MasterCornholio1662d ago

Yep that's why Sony signed up in the first place.

pyramidshead1662d ago

lol I remember the comment battles here way before the whole Hot Chips symposium event where people were trying their best to convince idiots that MS were a member but Sony wasn't. Good times. The dreams crushed after that date for certain users on here were delicious.

Saigon1662d ago

I am wondering, what supports this finding. Is this just the authors assumption? The link doesn't really give too much detail.

Software_Lover1662d ago

Everything is assumption until unproven on N4G. Its how the blogs work.

Cuzzo631662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Just google it. this stuff is really old tho. Nobody cares because its not flamebait. But instead how about we let Ubisoft confirm it also

Or if u want. We can have Mark Cerney explain why what and how.

Kayant1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Yh but it's a good one because the original leaked PS4 devkit with 4GB GDDR5 was using 2 steamroller cores and the first APU to use HSA will be Kaveri which uses GCN & steamroller cpu cores.

As this blogspot shows both are using Onion bus. So it's fair to think PS4 has HSA.

Am not that techy but anyone can see the similarities based on the leaked info which has been mostly true.

Edit - Also add what Cuzzo63 posted and it pretty much confirms it.


Saigon1662d ago

I am a little surprised at the disagrees I am getting because I was just asking a question. I wanted to know mainly because we have no technical evidence other than hearsay of the PS4 architecture. To be honest I do believe they have some type of HSA adaption, just not certain if it is direct HSA or something Sony configured themselves. Honestly we only have 40 something odd days before release and I am sure the gaming mags and online journalist will start receiving them in the next few weeks, so we should get some clarification.

Cuzzo631662d ago

Well there are tech evidence as I jus posted links. From a well known dev and the creater himself. This stuff has been known since early March I think.

Kayant1662d ago

Sony is also part of the HSA foundation has a Contributor --->

The technical evidence we have is the leaked info which has been proven to be quite accurate as Mark Cenry and The devs porting the Crew like Cuzzo63 pointed out as they have made references to what can be found from the leaked info but yh we just don't know if it's Full HSA are partial. I would think it's full since the early devkits where probably kaveri based going by the leaked stuff and I wouldn't think they will give that up when they moved to Jaguar.

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TemplarDante1662d ago

The PS4s true face is going to show with first party games. Trust them to deliver on all the tech fronts.
Hey I heard that MS shill MrXMedia updated his site with more drivel today. Expect the X-Boner army to try hump the comments section again.

Pancit_Canton1662d ago

LMAO. I just like how Microsoft fans got upgraded to from Xbot to Xboner. What would make the Next generation names for Sony fans?

cell9891662d ago

Sony lambs or Sony illuminati?

t3rrorc3ll1662d ago

Look. You guys are all morons. Xbox one is not more powerful than ps4.

Here's an example why. And is pretty much what mrxmedia does to all you hardcore Xbox fans (I am neither an Xbox or ps4 fan, I am a gaming fan). mrxmedia makes a blog post saying his insider told him this and that. So for example, my insider told me that ps4 outperforms 2 i7 3770k at 4ghz. It's all nonsense and no-one should be believing faceless comments. However devs have stated ps4 is more powerful than Xbox one. The games are showing with more native 1080p games on ps4. It is simple logic that Microsoft would not hide the facts if their console was more powerful, there is no need and it makes no sense from a marketing perspective. You always sell to your strongest point. So please every Xbox only fan remove your tin foil hats and stop listening to no name people like mrxmedia. He is simply setting you up for disappointment. And he may possibly be the greatest troll on the internet suckering you all in

devwan1662d ago

@t3rrorc3ll Maybe? I think it's clear he's having the time of his life stringing along those poor kids with his fantasy stories. I mean, he'd have to be seriously deranged, some kind of obscure medical condition, perhaps he's got multiple personalities living in his head who pop out to inform him of the latest and greatest insider info secrets?

It's much easier to believe he's just an incredibly effective troll riding the wave of his lifetime. I really hope that's the case, it's scary to think that there might be real people out there like him.

M-M1662d ago

How about you guys stop giving MrXMedia attention? He knows he's lying, he just knows that him spreading false information gives him more attention. He knows what he's saying isn't true.

abusador1662d ago

They still waiting for that dgpu and secret sauce bcus some idiot with an insider told them so lololololololololo

SniperControl1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

All covered by a convenient NDA, all was to be revealed to the world on 30th Sep.

Said NDA got conveniently extended by 3 months to December lol

There are some proper dumb xboys out there believing this crap.

pyramidshead1662d ago

Which consequently doesn't make sense as when people get the XB1 at launch some of them will be tearing it to pieces to break it down for the consumers as to what's inside for youtube, tech websites and enthusiast forums. I don't really see how they're going to hide anything or keep anything quiet after launch.

Which leads any logical person to believe that the NDA doesn't even exist unless they delay launching the XB1 until 2014, which doesn't seem likely.

sAVAge_bEaST1662d ago

You mean the DIS*INFO Agent, MisterXmedia??? ah,, the non-sense and tomfoolery of that site.

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