GTA V Online Max Level and Money Boosting Guide [Post 1.02 Patch]

Maxlevel: Having a hard time ranking up to the maximum level? Trying to make some money to buy cars and apartments, and do not want to spend real money for GTA Online Money? Here is one boosting technique that will allow you to rank up quickly and earn money quickly. This guide does work with the latest update that removed the replay option.

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ThaTruthMVP1893d ago

Oh yea, got my 400k penthouse using these methods. And had fun doing it. Thanks!

Donnieboi1893d ago

The game is kinda fun but damn is it broken. People maxing out already? Wow.

Black-Helghast1893d ago

This. People are to blinded by the fact that it's GTA and can't seem to realize it's broken. The first time I played it I ran into two maxed out players.. like really man.

ThaTruthMVP1893d ago

I didn't max out. The max is level 99 I'm only level 20. I just did this mission to get enough cash to buy a nice house so when I load the online I get start off in a safe place with easy access to my vehicles.

You think it's broken? But when people come online buying cash packs and buying this stuff even faster will probably be more annoying to everyone

xPhearR3dx1893d ago


The max level isn't 99. There's a trophy to hit level 100 and you don't unlock the mini-gun until level 120.

And you if you really think people buying cash packs is going to ruin the game, you're highly uneducated about the game. You need to be rank 70 I believe to even purchase a tank. So unless those players play for hundreds of hours, those cash packs aren't worth anything.

XB1_PS41893d ago

@Black-Helghast the highest I've seen after about 20 hours into playing it is 43. I'm 41.

RobAlmighty1892d ago

Im level 38 with 36 hours of play time. The game is not broken. This is even with using that loophole. It is not a quick level up by any means.

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3-4-51892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I thought earning the money and everything else was most of the fun or at least part of it.

What is with people's obsession with having all of the best of everything right away all at once.

That just gets boring very fast.

Am I the only one who enjoys working my way up to the best in video games?

Do you guys watch Scarface in reverse or something ?

boogey1571893d ago

Now time to get a tank and create some havoc.

MeatheadMilitia1893d ago

Would you say the most destructive weapon in game is the tank?

XB1_PS41893d ago

Few sticky bombs and that tank is gone though.

BOVICE471893d ago

Just give me that bangin apartment and I'm good

maximus19851893d ago

thats my light at the end of the tunnel. to have that amazing condo with a view to plan heists in.

MxRBrobaFett1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Supposedly with the new patch violent duct and others only give you 3000 dollars now

Old_Prodigy1893d ago

Nope, still gives 9000 but the replay button is now disabled.

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The story is too old to be commented.