Forza Motorsport 2 Is A Classic

Microsoft has announced that they will be making Forza Motorsport 2 a classic game for the 360, giving racing fans another reason why the should pay more attention to this game.

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sonarus3810d ago

I played some of it today. I have to admit its pretty good. Visually it doesn't stack up to GT5 but on the gameplay i would say both are even. I have to play it more:( I wish i could play on the same controller and lack of in car view sucks:( Hopefully they include it in forza 3

kwicksandz3810d ago

Sonarus with a positive MS comment!!

BRB checking to see if hell has frozen over

InMyOpinion3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I think the out-of-car view in GT5P is practically unusable cause it's so static. That's why you have to unse the in-car view(even though it rocks too!). The out-of-car view works much better in Forza 2.

Also, the sound in GT5P isn't anywhere near the sound in Forza 2. GT5P sounds as if they reused samples from GT4. I'll give it the graphics part though. No doubt it's the best looking racing game ever. But controls and gameplay? Nah. It's not even close to the handling, AI or physics in Forza 2. And then there's the lack of customization, tuning and damage modeling. Custom soundtracks?

All in all I think Forza 2 offers much more value in terms of gameplay than GT5P. I'm not sure adding damage modeling will be enough for GT5P either. They will need to fix the stiff controls, the stupid AI, and also get some better car audio in there if they want to compete.

psycho3603810d ago

When racing, i use behind the car view cuz its much easier to navigate. Games like PGR3/4 have great in-car view (albeit not as detailed as GT5) but i use it only for checking out and show to other people but then best option is close behind and slightly up camera veiw.

Fallen_Angel3810d ago

The reason Forza 2 graphics are kind of low end is cause the physics of the game run at 360 frames per second also you can apply 4000 layers of paint to a car. I do agree they need an in car view in Forza 3 tho.

As to the topic its about time but you could find it on ebay for 10-15 dollars for a long time now so dont think this in goin to make sells jump up or anything

Death3810d ago

Glad to see you are giving it a try Sonarus. Forza 2 is an excellent game. The physics and customization are very good. Graphically GT:P on the PS3 is nicer, but it feels very incomplete which is no surprise since it is a demo. I'm actually playing GT:P while you are giving Forza a go. The car models are spectacular and the lighting really is beautiful. I'm disappointed in the lack of customization and damage though. Forza 3 should give GT:5 a run for it's money.


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Yi-Long3810d ago

...or is that DLC scam still going strong!?

I was planning on boycotting this game, and I did, but then I won it in a competition.

I just felt they had slacked off, just making a Forza HD, or Forza 1.5, and I didnt like that they were already talking about paying for DLC when the game wasnt even out yet.
Looking at the lack of tracks, and less cars than planned, it seems they cut stuff out from the retailversion, in order to make more cash later on through DLC.

I'm also worried about Forza 3. I fear they will once again come out with a game that's lacking enough tracks and cars, and again blaming it on lack of time. Ofcourse you will have a lack of time, when your wasting all your time on DLC-scamming the Forza 2 players, by still creating content for that game...

I'd rather see them just focus 100% on Forza 3, so we dont feel shortchanged again.

FordGTGuy3810d ago

Forza 2 focused much more on the physics engine then any other part of the game. The engine is uses the most advanced tire model in existence co-created with TOYO Tires. Including a 360 pfps(physics frames per second)and also over 70,000 physics calculations a second per car on track. The cars and tracks were fine tuned by race drivers and automotive engineers not to mention the creator of Road Atlanta. After the physics engine Forza 2 also sports the best engine sounds and sound effects i've ever heard in a racing game.

Forza Motorsport 2 was in development before the Xbox 360 launched causing problems because of the Xbox 360 not being finalized so Forza Motorsport 2 had to almost restart development after the Xbox 360 was finalized. That is 6 months of development out the window by itself.

There is no way that Forza 2 just looks like a Forza 1 in HD. Especially on my 42" Plasma

green3810d ago

Do more research before you comment.Most of the Cars like the Audi S5,Lamborghini Superleggera,Audi R8,ferrari 599 where not able to be implemented into the final build before the game was released because of the time that was required to build the cars for the retail version.

That is why DLC is one of the best things that can happen to racing games because they can keep updating the car roaster without you waiting 3 years for the next version in order for you to use those cars.They simply gave those cars to us and addded a few fantastic classics like the Audi quattro and the 1st BMW M3(which was a fantastic addition) and so on to give the DLC more value.

Forza 2 is without doubt one of the best racing games ever made.

Yi-Long3810d ago

... I played Forza 1 extensively on Xbox 1, 200+ hours, great great game...

...but Forza 2 pretty much had many of the exact same tracks, and lost some of my favourite ones (Japanese hill)

I'm sorry, but that's not good enough. It's nice that they focussed on phyics, but that doesnt mean they should skimp on content. It's boring to always race on the same tracks. I know them by heart already. I just want a large selection of different good tracks, and they dont even have to be based on real-life tracks, as I think you can come up with nicer, more exciting tracks when you just make them up, so you can use gorgeous settings etc.

FordGTGuy3810d ago

So your going to dismiss an entire game because it has some of the same tracks? Even if there aren't that many new tracks let alone tracks at all there are a crap load of cars and the great thing about Forza is that every car is its own unique experience even on a track you've driven hundreds of times. BTW I have over 1000 online races on Forza 2.

Yi-Long3810d ago

... because although I KNOW the game is great, gameplay-wise, I'm not really interested in paying 60-70 euro (over a 100 dollars) for a game that pretty much has all the same tracks as the game I've been playing to death in the years before Forza 2, and which was already announcing that I would have to shell out even more cash if I wanted to have the complete experience, because the DLC would come later.

For people who never played Forza 1, it's obviously a GREAT GREAT game. I'm not saying it's crap or anything. I just felt very let down by the extreme lack of new tracks, and the DLC scam they were announcing.

The only reason I own it, is because I won it.

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toughNAME3810d ago

Best Forza game. Ever.

No others can come close, it's all about gameplay with Forza 2!

Xi3810d ago

GTR2 has some great physics, but forza really has the edge on customization.

I don't think I've ever played as good a racing sim as forza 2.

Ri0tSquad3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

This is a great game. I loved the deep customizing with the car, adding shapes, letters or what ever and giving them life the most though. I seen so many that blew me away.

darkside3810d ago

ONE thing i love about forza is because you can sell your own car to other online people.

Chris_GTR13810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

you know, i just dont see whats so great about gt5. forza2 just blows it away in every aspect. the online,customization,physics,g ameplay. the only thing it dosent is in graphics

power0919993810d ago

I am still playing GT5:P getting used to it.

I have to say though the only thing it has on Forza, is Graphic's and physics.

I just think the cars feel a bit more natural in GT5.

That's just my .02

Xi3810d ago

the physics in gt5 feel fake because they use pre-created algorithms on the cars so they feel like they're always on the same surface (as opposed to forza where you feel all the bumps and what not), it's not like in forza where it has to be calculated realtime to adjust for tuning, and customization. Forza has the edge in everything except graphics for me.

darkside3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

(as opposed to forza where you feel all the bumps and what not)???? WTF?
Not to be a a$$, i don't get it please explain how this work ? because from what i know a controller or wheel controller can't simulate bumps where you feel it when you drive in real life.

JVIDICAN3810d ago

you guys gotta remember that ur comparing a "prologue" to a full fleged game, and just by doing that is saying something about gta5:P

FordGTGuy3810d ago

Forza Motorsport 2 uses a 360 physics frames per second physics engine. This allows the engine to feel every bump in the car at pretty much any speed your driving. For example lets say the engine is only 60 physics frames per second and your car in the game is moving at 120 mph going down a straight away with 10000 bumps per mile.

If you go ahead you will come up with .033 miles per second, 10000 bumps per mile and 60 physics frames per second. You will end up with.

330 bumps per second and 60 physics frames per second. This means you will miss 270 bumps per second because the physics engine is to slow while Forza 2 in the same calculation would have room to calculate 30 more bumps per second then needed. This comes in handy when going 200 mph on Sebring and you can still feel every bump at that speed.

darkside3810d ago

Thanks man! now i know much more about the game. That's really kool
game engine forza. i wish GT5 have something like that.

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