Silencing the Barbarians - Ryse: Son of Rome Demo

Waterfalls, next-gen foliage, and killing a bunch of Barbarians were on the cards during this Ryse: Son of Rome stage demo at EB Expo 2013!

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Bigpappy1661d ago

Likes like a freaking movie. Wow!
May be we don't need 1080p.

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popup1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Looks fantastic. That foliage really looks next gen and the lighting looks great. A little buggy, a little tearing and some pop in but it's nice to see devs going for how the game looks rather than silly spec boasts like '1080p' etc. I would take realism of simply have a greater quantity of pixels any day.

As a PS4 pre-orderer, I am honestly jealous of this and Forza. For the moment, I am still not getting one but if you are buying this system, hope you enjoy it!

BallsEye1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

900p with good pixel quality and AA looks way better than 1080p with no AA and crappy pixel quality. Ever wondered why 720p movie with high bitrate looks amazing on your full hd tv while 720p game look like crap? Give me realistic lighting, great physics, high poly models, full AA , great upscaler etc etc in even lower res than 900p and I will take it any day over crap looking, stiff 1080p game.

Even if the game will turn out to not be that great when it comes to gameplay, I'm still getting it, just to see what the machine is capable of. It's hands down best looking (graphically!!!) game on next-gen so far. The fact there is no LOD and all characters got same fidelity as main one (check the slides), it makes it look very cinematic!

RPG with this grapihcs would be just amazing!

jhoward5851661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Looks really good. The frame rate need a little bit more work though.

I know, I know, its on you tube.

Hufandpuf1661d ago

The frame rate was fine when I played it earlier today. The only problems I encountered were executions activated by other co op players would sometimes not show onscreen at all, or the guy that's being executed would just stand there then die in the next frame. The only other issue I found was that audio ques sometimes didn't play through and would restart when hitting the attack button (which is often) so it'd sound choppy.

Other than those two gripes, the game looks great and plays great.

jhoward5851661d ago


Sounds good to me!

I'd really like to see more game play footage...the short demo just isn't enough for me.

BTW, thank you for telling me what its like to play RYSE.

no_more_heroes1661d ago

Looks like their filing down some of those rough edges quite nicely. Not getting an XB1 at launch (*might want to wait on the ps4 at this point as well), but I do intend to get one soon enough. Probably around the time when MS activates the console as a dev kit, because that is something I have particular interest in.

*because I'm gonna get a capable PC. It will serve me much better.

ThatCanadianGuy5141661d ago

Look at the size of that mother f**king screen.

PFFT1661d ago

Imagine playing all your games on that screen.

Ohlmay1661d ago

Doesn't even look 900p, looks solid to me, I'll pick this up with my Halo 5 copy next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.