GTA Online: New Title Update Available Today and More

Rockstar: "A new GTAV title update to address issues in GTA Online is now available for PlayStation 3. We're currently working with Microsoft to get this update published for Xbox 360 as soon as possible - we expect it to be live by sometime overnight. This title update addresses a number of issues that GTA Online players have been experiencing in the initial days of launch this week, including:"

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Lonnie181625d ago

I was a little upset about the online issues at first but after playing for hours on end online today. All the store robberies, car races, boat racing, sky diving competitions, death matches...I could continue but man all is forgiven, what a stress reliever :)

FragMnTagM1625d ago

It is up for xbox 360 now.

AllBlue1625d ago

has anybody gotten this patch in europe?

evilbart1625d ago

Got the 1.02 patch yesterday in Europe and played online for six hours no problem (ps3)

AusRogo1625d ago

Still no patch for me but my friends do??