Simon Says: Why Beyond: Two Souls Has Been Overshadowed By Another PS3 Exclusive

GameNTrain Author Simon Marshal Writes: These two names alone would have you thinking that the stars of Inception and Spider Man would be co-starring in a new blockbuster movie. Instead, both are appearing in a game entitled “Beyond: Two Souls” developed by Quantum Dream and published by Sony, exclusively for the PS3.

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Thatguy-3101627d ago

The reason that it is exclusive will bring comparisons between the two. However I think it can stand it's ground. Heavy Rain was a great game and even though it had flaws it's an experience that will stay in memory. The story in Beyond it's really complicated and really deep so I'm anxious to see how it develops and unravels. None less I'm getting it next week. The last must have PS3 exclusive. I'll like to make a quick note on how ps3 had literally the best gaming experiences this gen from it's exclusives studios. Heavy Rain, LBP, Uncharted, TLou, Journey etc. I honestly appreciate gaming a lot more because of those titles. It was a great Generation to be a gamer.

DeadManIV1625d ago

Yep, it absolutely was, been gaming since the days of ps1, I grew up with playstation and I will die by playstation

abzdine1625d ago

last must hae PS3 exclusive is called GT6!

and no, no point of comparing Beyond to anything else, not even to Heavy Rain.
This game is simply a unique must own experience for real gamers.
i can only applaude the creativity of quanticdream willing to involve feelings in a game.

minimur121622d ago

Quantic Dream * haha :)

maniacmayhem1627d ago

In all actuality this game just isn't appealing. David Cage keeps harping on about story/characters over gameplay but he needs to find a medium. I found Heavy Rain to be little action and a meh story.

Bioshock managed to deliver a great story and some awesome gameplay without the use of heavy QTE's for everything...even fixing a microwave dinner.

If Quantum Dream could get a good balance of the two it would be great.

ArchangelMike1626d ago

I'm looking forward to Beyond Two Souls, especially after playing the demo. I'm more of a story heavy gamer, so I much prefer games with a captivating story.

abzdine1625d ago

same here bro.
the guy finds Heavy Rain action.. LMAO!

DOMination-1625d ago

Put your monacle on. He said little action.

I kind of agree. Cage bangs on about story but the story in heavy rain was poorly written filled with plot holes.

firelogic1625d ago

If it has a little less gameplay than the average game, so what? It's nice to have different experiences. Asura's Wrath is pretty basic with the gameplay mechanics but it was an absolute BLAST to play through. Heavy Rain was great, and hopefully Beyond is just as great, if not better.

There are literally hundreds of games out there that are all about 100% gameplay. What's one "game" that doesn't have a ton of it in it? Where's the harm?

Now if you don't like it, that's fine but it's the blanket statements that HR and games of its ilk shouldn't exist because they aren't games that annoys me.

Legacy2121625d ago

Asura wrath was sooo epic I loved that game hopefully they continue it

fattyuk1625d ago

I'm much more a story driven gamer aswell.

Hell when it comes to bioshock I wish I never even have to pull out a weapon!

Inception1625d ago

Speak to yourself maniacmayhem. There's a lot of people who loved Beyond 2 Souls demo (including me) and can't not wait to play the full game.

"Bioshock managed to deliver a great story and some awesome gameplay bla bla bla"

Zzzzz Bioshock is an FPS. Different genre from HR and Beyond 2 Souls. And i'm glad Quantic Dream doesn't take the easy route.

maniacmayhem1625d ago

A lot of you are missing the point. Bioshock managed to pull off a great story without sacrificing gameplay.

Again, Heavy Rain had little action or point for that matter and was just an okay story. That doesn't justify a great experience in my opinion. Especially when there were a lot of instances of doing a QT action just to watch TV(for example).

These are mundane everyday actions that justify a QTE? That is poor design and not engaging at all for a user's experience.

despair1625d ago

what they do is not "sacrificing gameplay" but giving you something else. Look at all telltale games (especially The waling dead) they are basically point and click adventures but done so well and so engrossing that its truly enjoyable and great to play.

Heavy Rain was the same, the QTEs were very easy to get and a big part of the game was choice and consequence (plus you knew what you were getting before playing the game), seeing how things played out when you messed up and how they did when you chose an alternate path were all factors that didn't "sacrifice gameplay" but chose to present it in a different way. It was a simple concept done well and even though there were problems it was truly enjoyable for many people.

Beyond Two Souls is also looking to be quite engaging, I want to see how the story plays out, I want to see what my decisions and actions lead to. The controls are vastly improved and if you play it expecting Bioshock then you are stuck in one game type and that's pretty sad.

Bioshock was really good but Rapture and the people were truly the story, you were just really a passenger on an amazing ride (as with most story intensive games). This is quite similar in some regards but you get to influence a lot more and don't even get me started on how very very different the games are.

If you don't like it then fine but you comparing it to Bioshock does both games a disservice and done not apply even slightly. I will be enjoying Beyond Two Souls while you continue to bitch about gameplay problems that I don't see.

Hicken1625d ago

It's not sacrificing gameplay. It's DIFFERENT gameplay.

Shall we next start comparing visual novels to platformers?

Controlling mundane, everyday activities was part of the point of Heavy Rain. You're not just playing a character. You're really controlling someone else's life, immersing yourself in that character on a level few other games can ever hope to reach.

I mean, surely Master Chief takes a piss, but when does he do it? What does he do in those rare moments of downtime? No hero can be just that 24/7, unless he's a robot, and even then he'd need maintenance.

You seem to be missing the point: the style of game represented by Heavy Rain and BTS obviously isn't for you, but it's just fine for many others.

DigitalRaptor1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"In all actuality this game just isn't appealing."

And...? What point are you trying to make? Speaking for everybody are you?

Machinarium or Dear Esther could be called unappealing - doesn't make them games not worthy playing.

@ Hicken and @ despair. Extremely well said guys.

I bet when 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' comes out on PS4, we'll get the usual suspects coming out the woodwork telling us what does and doesn't constitute a game let alone an "appealing" one. I mean we're already getting told that indie games are not worthy by default.

Lykon1625d ago

I thought heavy rain was a POS .

1. There were several plot holes.

2. depending how the game turned out for you there were spoilers at the end affecting replay value.

3. how the story branched depended on some confusing button mashing qte's

4 . The gameplay seemed inconsistent and unevenly patched together.

5. it was boring and slow.

bye the end of the game i wanted all the fucking characters to drown not just the boy in the drain.

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Ezz20131626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

how so ?!
TLOU is my GOTY and GOTG
yet, i already paid for beyond two sould and in very few hours i will go to the local game store and get my copy today
and will buy GT6 day 1 when it come out

those are very different games from each other

kratos_TheGoat1625d ago

who overshadow beyond 2 soul I'm to lazy to click the page

Fred_C_Dobbs1625d ago

dont bother, its a rubbish article

kratos_TheGoat1625d ago

thankz man hate site who look for hits I'm confident beyond 2 soul is a big hit for sony

HammadTheBeast1625d ago

Well, they say Last of Us overshadows it.

chrissx1625d ago

This guy doesn't rly make any sense in his article. Looking forward to beyond2souls just as is alotta ppl

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