PSP nears nine million sales mark in Japan

Kath Brice reports:

''PSP has outsold the competition once again in Japan for the week ending April 13th, according to the latest data from Media Create.

Which is becoming such a regular occurrence we're going to be quite disappointed when Nintendo releases a new Pokémon game or fancy coloured console and knocks Sony's baby back into second or third position. But for now, PSP owners can sleep easy in the knowledge their numbers are growing – and they grew by precisely 85,721 last week.

All these PSPs that have been sold over the past month or so have put sales very close to the nine million mark in Japan, and the console is expected to top that figure by the time this week's sales figures are released in seven days' time.''

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TheEndzor3688d ago

86k psp's sold in one week. that is nice

Glad to see it doing well

hope it hits 10mil very soon!

eagle213688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

PSP is hot right now and it will only increase. Many people don't know it took the PS1 2 years to cross 10 million worldwide. And 104 million units :)

PS3 will easily be the next system to break out strong in Japan. And the 360 won't be able to sell with the purchase of cereal at that time. :)

shine13963688d ago

sorry it was me, pressed it accidently...I was going to press the agree button...

(psst...don't tell the phantom disagreer, but I actually didn't...but I'm pretty confident he/she either can't read or can't read this far into a comment...I mean come on what could you possibly disagree with TheEndzor, the fact that he rounded the figure fairly/properly?)

LeonSKennedy4Life3688d ago

I disagree.

I don't believe you when you say you are glad.

jadenkorri3688d ago

i bought my psp slim, first handheld ever, it was great, then i got it its even better, i sit back and play crono trigger, ff7, ff8, ff9, legend of dragoon, from anywhere which is so awsome.. i own ff7cc, gowco, ff1, ff tactics, (desperatly looking for ff2 for psp, yes i own for ps1, but want for psp) patapon and a few more just can't think of them...i also have snes roms of link to the past, secret of mana, SMrpg, all megamans :) and lots lots more...i have a 4 gigs and a 2gig, and ill prob pick up that 8gig at one asked awhile back why we mod our psps, well i hope i explained why, i loved those games so much, when they come out on the psn network ill still buy them even thou i do own them for ps1

Danja3688d ago

Bout time ppl started to realize how great the PSP is....

Patapon and FF:CC are my fave games for the system now...

would love for Sony to bring alot more PS1 games to the PSN...since I refuse to mod my PSP...and umm ppl should really go out and support the devs and buy PSP games and not steal them it really only hurts the PSP...

this is not directed at you "jadenkorri" btw...

now Sony needs to get those PS3 numbers up in Japan

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mirroredderorrim3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Danja, do you live in Japan? Most people in Japan don't care about big, fancy consoles, which is why the Wii sold big, not just because of the price. The big thing in Japan is being "compact" They do it small but extremely efficient. Another thing is to "buy Japanese" Which is why the Xbox is not doing too well here.

I'm in a Hotel in Yokohama, right now and have been here for a little while. I can already see more people care for handhelds than consoles at the moment. Handhelds are better than they ever were here and anywhere else in the world. I've rode the Trains all over from Kannai station and I have seen alot of boys and men mostly playing on DS lites and PSP slims.

My point in all this crap I just typed.. is to play games and let the japanese worry about japanese. :P
Edit: the exception to this is APPLE Japanese LOVE Apple products. a friend of mine met a girl here because of her interest in his Iphone(can't be used as a Phone in Japan, atm) He was messing with his music or so to speak, and the rest was magic(?)

Extremely hard to meet people here to begin with;everyone keeps to themselves and are extremely shy. Man and woman alike.

ps3 is my champion3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

but interesting little read....

........I say as I type on my Macbook.............. ....

honestly though, I miss the days when just having a PC setup was cool enough you know, now I'm in technology lala land.

LarVanian3688d ago

and Xbox 360 nears nine sales mark in Japan

jadenkorri3688d ago

aww be nice, could of at least said 9000

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

No comments on this side!(10 hours later);-D
PSP is Beautiful;-P

theKiller3688d ago

am waiting for one more price cut before i buy it!

does anybody know how much is the psp slim cost in europe?? last info i checked was 150euro. thanks in advance