PS4 DualShock 4 vs. Xbox One controller hands-on – Reader’s Feature

By Benjamin Abbott: "Talk all you like about processing chips and advanced graphics engines; if your controller isn’t up to snuff then the whole conversation is rendered moot"

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Goku7811663d ago

For me the controller that doesn't have batteries is the clear winner

UbiquitousClam1663d ago

Now that I have had the chance to use them both at eurogamer I can say that to me I feel the xbox one controller is better for driving games as the impulse triggers do feel good when you're driving (especially the brakes).

But I actually found myself preferring the PS4 controller when playing FPS, it just felt a bit more comfortable in my hands when playing.

But which ever console you get you're in for a treat because I cant really pick any actual faults with either of them.

DeadManIV1663d ago

Sounds good, but im not into fps or driving games, so...

GiggMan1663d ago

It may be good for shooters but I'm going to miss using R1 to shoot and L1 to aim.

Hicken1663d ago

It will be an option for button mapping.

And it damn well better be, as L2/R2 really only make sense in the respect that they're shaped right.

The problem: they're not POSITIONED right. On EITHER controller.

DeadManIV1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I was born with the dualshock, I have lived by the dualshock and I will die by the dualshock

chrissx1663d ago

Both conrollers are cool but I think the Dual Shock 4 is better. + it doesn't use AA batteries

thebudgetgamer1663d ago

These articles always end up with healthy debates.

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