Miyamoto on working with western devs on Nintendo franchises, is all about trust


Western studios have been put in charge of prominent Nintendo IPs over the past few years. Retro has worked on Metroid and Donkey Kong. Monster Games has also been involved with the latter series in addition to Pilotwings. And let’s not forget Next Level Games, which has worked on a pair of Mario soccer titles, Punch-Out!!, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

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BosSSyndrome1625d ago

If only they would give Starfox to PG so they could try.

-Foxtrot1625d ago

I've been wanting a Star Fox game for years, if they are going to do it I'd rather Nintendo make it themselves then out sourcing it

maniacmayhem1625d ago

No, give Starfox to Platinum!

Goku7811625d ago

It only makes since, everything they make is a hit. Even their questionable games are better than some companies best. To me they are the spiritual successors to what Capcom used to represent. A brand people can trust.

3-4-51625d ago

They need to make a Hybrid Star fox game.

50% like N64 game & 50% like Gamecube game.

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mydyingparadiselost1625d ago

No wonder EA and Nintendo don't get along.

AKR1625d ago

EA just added a new entry in the term "backstabbing".

If Nintendo did trust them (which they really seemed to be doing, as they had EA come up on stage during their E3 2011 keynote presentation, and allegedly asked them to help them create the Wii U's online infrastructure) - EA completely side-swiped them.

They were even bold enough to declare that they wouldn't start making games for Wii U again until it starts moving units. All they care for is money.

clearelite1625d ago

Most of the Nintendo games I like were made by Japanese developers.

super_weegee1625d ago

What they need to do is get more development studios working on games for Nintendo consoles--Western or Japanese.