Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Rated by the ACB

About a week ago, we let you know that something called the Injustice: Gods Among Us Game of the Year Edition had been rated by various boards for a variety of different systems. - PSLS

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dp277407995d ago

Awesome, I will get this for Vita day one if true. Injustice is one of my favorite fighting games.

snitch_puck995d ago

It will and it SHOULD come out for the Vita! I am sooo addicted to this ever since it was released and I am so excited to be able to carry the game every day for me! Thank God for the Vita!

_FantasmA_994d ago

I thank Sony for the Vita. Its made by Sony after all.

KontryBoy706995d ago

PC version confirmed! Yay! I'm glad everyone can enjoy this game now. Even handhelds.

ironfist92994d ago

Yuss! Been waiting for this. Goes to show, never buy games day 1.

I mean hell, look at the GTA fiasco.

skyrimer994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Really it's becoming ridiculous for NR not to announce this already, it has showed in lots of rating boards and online shops, come on announce it already!

On my part, I'm getting the Vita version of course, fighters just feel right on Vita with that godly dpad allowing me to train tough combos anywhere. I'll also get the PC version mostly for the mods, there are lots of awesome mods for SFXT, SF4, MK, and I expect no less for Injustice.