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Microsoft: Mobiles won't hurt Xbox One

Corporate VP Phil Spencer says the mobile market is "great for home consoles"; Microsoft would only release Halo FPS on mobile if it was "great."

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Community1363d ago
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mdluffy1363d ago

I don't see how mobile games can ever replace big screen gaming, mobiles can however replace handhelds like vita/3ds.

UltimateMaster1363d ago

They use Smart Glass to enhance the experience.
How could that hurt them?

dedicatedtogamers1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Mobiles aren't replacing handhelds. They're replacing PCs. Why else is Microsoft migrating into that mobile/tablet market with Surface and WinMobile? Why is there a Halo game on Surface? The answer is obvious. Microsoft has been losing territory on the PC market...losing it due to disinterest and losing it due to Steam's influence. They've been trying to move their core business into the mobile/tablet market for the past decade.

Microsoft is right. Mobiles won't hurt XBox One. They won't hurt ANY console, not even the Wii-U, and not the Vita, and not the 3DS (though to be fair, handhelds have lost some of the same casual crowd that flocked to by the DS).

kevnb1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

theyve certainly been doing a terrible job of it... If they weren't so entrenched in everything they would be doomed right now. In a few years tablets/phones will probably output to your lcd tv wireless and flawlessly. Android and ios devices are selling subsidized with services people already want, the consoles could be in big trouble.
Anyway, its been one thing after another with microsoft where they cant adopt and keep up, eventually its going to come crashing down.

rainslacker1363d ago

MS waited to long. They became so entrenched in their ways and everyone used their system on PC that they thought it wouldn't really change. They realized too late that the market was shifting. That shift came from Apple who never posed much of a threat to them in the PC field, and then Google who seemed to pretty much set out to destroy MS hold on the computer market. Tablets became powerful enough to do everything, and offered everything that people wanted in a least for the average user. Now they're playing catch up, and despite the sentiment of many on here, most people don't really view MS as a go to company for quality, consumer friendly products.

Other than that, I do like the surface tablets. Wish they were cheaper since I could make apps for them easier. I also like their tablet/phone OS's from a usability standpoint, and there isn't much fuss in getting my programs to run on them. I ended up getting a Galaxy Tab 3 because it was more reasonable in price than the Windows tablets. Guess I'll have to get back into writing Java again to put my apps on it.:)

OrangePowerz1363d ago

If you throw one hard enough at an Xbone it might :D

cyguration1363d ago

It might... but that Xbone is a freaking tank. Did you see the size of that thing?

Who lifts? Xbone lifts.

OrangePowerz1363d ago

It's big, but it could be still made out of easy breakable materials.

hellzsupernova1363d ago

Don't equate size with strength. It's America it's big cause it ate too much maccas

rainslacker1363d ago

But my girlfriend told me size doesn't matter...

gaelic_laoch1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

M$ policies have hurt the xbone plenty enough instead!

EDIT: Where is Major Nelson lately? I'm concerned!

Dante811363d ago

Of course not, that thing is a brick.

pyramidshead1363d ago

Dropping a Nokia will destroy anything it lands on. Phil Spencer lying again.

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