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Square Enix President: We need to Meet The Needs of Our Customers in a More Timely Manner

After the turnover with Yoichi Wada, the new president of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda feels that changes are in order at the company. Today he explained that Square Enix needs to be faster in meeting the needs of its customers.

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Community1419d ago
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no_more_heroes1419d ago

Yes...yes you do.

You all know which game I'm referring to.

Not that one, the other one!

minimur121419d ago

well there's a few S-E games I want:
- Agito
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Tomb Raider 2

Sorry, what was the game you wanted? I couldn't quite catch on?

no_more_heroes1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

If there's one thing anyone on this site must know about me, its that I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan.

My last sentence was just in case anyone thought I was referring to FFXV, since it's pretty much in the same development hell as FFXV.

Though I guess I could've been a bit clearer in retrospect lol!

Anarki1419d ago

Yes you do Square. Seriously, I remember during the PS2 era, having to wait up to a year for games to be ported over to the UK from japan. Unbelievable, it's not so bad now though.

kreate1419d ago

Words are cheap.
I want action.

jc485731419d ago

yes you do. Where's my Agito?

Abriael1419d ago

I wish he meant western customers lol. I don't think he does.

Godmars2901419d ago

FFXV aside since the damn game was announced laterally ten years ago, no you don't. Just make games which are genuinely interesting rather than fan pandering.

Transporter471419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

You guys better hurry up and produce another Tomb Raider and another Hitman!!!

minimur121419d ago

well it's confirmed that a new Tomb Raider is in the works :) so that's cool, not sure about a hitman however :p

nunley331419d ago

a new hitman has been confirmed too but it's early in its planning. they're making a new deus ex game for ps4/xbone now also. i wanna see more hd collections or ps3/ps4 ports of their ios and psp games. that steam version of FF7 wouldn't be to bad to port considering how big the classic version sells on it.

XboxFun1419d ago

A new vagrant Story or Parasite Eve for the Xbox One would be boss.

There's some needs from a customer Square!

Shinox1419d ago


You better not be serious , You know where these titles came from right ಠ_ಠ

XboxFun1419d ago

Coming from and where it ends up doesn't matter. Especially this generation where we have seen almost every established title from almost every 3rd party dev cross over to another system.

Yes, Xbox One, dead serious. Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve.

minimur121419d ago

Also bear in mind that SE are in real money problems, so theyll need and want to put their games on as many platforns as possible. Which to be honest im quote surprised they havemt ported Agoto. An original FF on the Vita would sell like shit in a flys boot sale. Lo
id definitely buy it wouldnt you ???l

Shinox1419d ago

And out of all platforms you pick this stupid worthless money grabbing platform and mention these playstation games beside it , WTF !

If you are a loyal fan for these games you should have stick to where they belong , not to your own choice

I don't mind them becoming multiplatform , but the fact that you are trying to restrict your interest on one platform and trying to make it as if its exclusively to this platform is just blind , Pure blind

maniacmayhem1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

"but the fact that you are trying to restrict your interest on one platform and trying to make it as if its exclusively to this platform is just blind , Pure blind"

Where exactly does he say it should only be on Xbox One?

First of all you are taking this way too serious.
Second of all, he never said it would be exclusive to Xbox One.
And third...These games are not even coming out. It's all wishful thinking.

And a couple of posts below you someone else says they would want Parasite Eve on PS4. Should we also apply your comment to him?

Those games were on the Sony platform because sony dominated the video game market at that time. Not anymore, so it doesn't matter where those games started knowing Square they would release those titles on One and Four.

chrissx1419d ago

Vagrant story or parasite eve on xboxone. Nice dream,kip dreaming

nunley331419d ago

i would love a new parasite eve game,i even bought that last game on psp. i would wanna see one like the first game but the others were enjoyable.

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