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Titanfall: A New Genre Of FPS

We finally got our hands on Titanfall at this years Eurogamer Expo which ended Sunday and it's fair to say that Respawn Entertainment have the makings of an instant classic on their hands. Titanfall, which almost falls into it's own genre of FPS, is sure to dominate the charts on release and that's only going off the early Alpha stage it is currently running. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

malokevi  +   694d ago
"As I walked away from the EA rep, who's hand I had shaken off, I felt a change. "

Incredible. That's the only way to describe the reception to this game. Every day there's a new preview... and every day I read it top to bottom like a giddy kid on Christmas.

I literally cannot wait to give this a try. I'm a shooter junky... and this is my crack.
-Foxtrot  +   694d ago
Oh come on how many times have journalist built up hype for a game and then after the games release you notice it was hyped up

It's just another FPS with added stuff like wall running which has been done in BRINK, Jetpacks which have been done in Halo and Mechs. Nothing in this game hasn't been done before and with no single player I don't get the massive hype behind it.

I'm not saying it doesn't look good, it does but it doesn't look like a game changer.
malokevi  +   694d ago
Yeah, except for the fact that everyone who has actually played the game disagrees with you on every level.

Your cynical attitude has been noted.
neildee250  +   694d ago
Never played Halo or Brink they aren't my kind of game. I wrote this based on how it made me feel rather than as a journo. I just really loved it.
XboxFun  +   694d ago
It's not about what others have done it's how you do it.

TLoU has been done before many times, but it didn't stop that game from being a great experience.

Bioshock has been done before many times, but that didn't stop it from being a great game.

Etc etc etc

Point is, almost everyone who has played this game has said it's a blast and loved it. Not just one person and his blog but most all gaming sites. Not to mention an article that was just on here saying it took like 70 awards at a bunch of shows.

This game looks like it's a blast and it doesn't matter who or what did it in the past. Titanfall is doing it right now and it seems to be doing it right.
Septic  +   694d ago
You have clearly missed the point Foxtrot. If youre drawing comparisons with Brink and Halo because of wall running and mechs....you simply don't get it.

Titanfall is a game changer. This is a game for fans of competitive fps games. I played it and I tried to be as critical as I could. The only thing I could point at was the visuals and well that's it.

This is hyped up for a reason. It is simply brilliant. Fans of quake, unreal, battlefield and others will enjoy this game to no end.


I'm sorry but anyone who claims this is generated hype is fooling themselves.
gaelic_laoch  +   694d ago
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CrossingEden  +   694d ago
It's like the last of us, it's so well made but has no new concepts, the reused concepts are just really well done. Stop being so negative about everything. -_-
-Foxtrot  +   694d ago

I don't think I've missed the point at all and I pretty sure there's nothing to "get". It's a FPS game with some added mechanics from other games

"Fans of quake, unreal, battlefield and others will enjoy this game to no end"

Your trying to say it's a game changer then you list a bunch of games which are also FPS, so yeah it's going to look good to any FPS fan because this is also a FPS. I mean even use of that word "game changer", come on it looks nothing like a game changer, it's a FPS with added mechanics, it's still a FPS at heart and because of it you know what to expect.

"I'm sorry but anyone who claims this is generated hype is fooling themselves."

Ahhhh...the "If your opinion is different from mine then yours in wrong" approach. Opinions Septic


"Stop being so negative about everything."

lol...says you, the guy who nitpicks Sony to death with every chance he gets.

Sorry guys I don't see how it's negative or cynical when forming an opinion of this game. I think people just "want" it to be good because Respawn has been working on this for years and they are the lead people who worked on Modern Warfare. Theres a huge difference between "want" and "is"

I mean journalists said RE5 was amazing in the previews, they said Haze was good, they said FF13 was amazing, same goes for Dead Space 3 and RE6 in some ways. Fact is they were either crap or disappointing

@Ducky below

"Almost everyone who has played it has liked it."

But WE havent played it, only journalists have and thats what the point of my comment above. How can you believe journalists when they've hyped games up before like this and they end up not being that good when you come back to it a few weeks after launch.

"Yet, you've formulated your own baseless opinion, and you regularly show up in Titanfall articles voicing said opinion."

Considering I haven't been on the site all that long like most people on here, I think your exaggerating. Oh and baseless assumption, like how you guys are saying it's good when you haven't played it. It's just hypercritical it's like you allow positive opinions but ones which seem bad are a big no no.

"Seems that you "want" it to be not good. For whatever reason."

Nope, your just clutching at straws mate to try and further the argument so you can say my opinion is because I hate it.

"The fact that you were stingy about some other guy criticizing Sony in the past might indicate why."

lol...really. He said I was being negative and yet if you've seen him in Sony articles he's worse. It's an example and thats how he got two bubbles.
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Ducky  +   694d ago
^ "Sorry guys I don't see how it's negative or cynical when forming an opinion of this game."

Almost everyone who has played it has liked it.
Yet, you've formulated your own baseless opinion, and you regularly show up in Titanfall articles voicing said opinion.

Seems that you "want" it to be not good. For whatever reason.
The fact that you were stingy about some other guy criticizing Sony in the past might indicate why.
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neocores  +   694d ago
just like front misssion when they went the fps way with robots yeh this game may sound good but i know it will fail
Ducky  +   694d ago
I actually remember reading your comments. It wasn't a baseless assumption.
All I had to do was google and got easy results:

You don't think Titanfall is interesting, fine.
There's lots of games I'm not excited about either.

... but I don't repeatedly seek out articles and try to play down those games. That's not voicing an opinion, that's voicing a negative assumption on a game you haven't even touched.
i.e. being negative.

The positive news is coming from large groups of people that have played it. Not just journalists, but people who've played the demos. Not all are positive, and if you were like GrandpaSnake below, maybe your opinion would hold some weight.

As it stands, you just look like someone who wants this game to be bad.
Who knows, you may actually be right in the end, but for now you're just being negative.
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malokevi  +   694d ago
@foxtrot & @everyone

"lol...says you, the guy who nitpicks Sony to death with every chance he gets"

That really says it all, doesn't it? Did anyone doubt for a second that this is what he's all riled up about?
nukeitall  +   694d ago

You probably think Titanfalls is like Flight Simulator, because in both you get to fly.

Point being, most ideas has been featured in some other game or whatever, but it is the combination of this thing and how they feel, how they are presented that make this a great game or not.

Shooting in has been done to death, but does that negate another game from being completely awesome?

In short, Titanfalls has won accolades of awards pre-release and it is being lauded by just about everyone who has tried it in a demo build pre-release.

I'm extremely excited to try this game out. It is my most anticipated game of 2013, next to maybe Destiny and Quantum Break.

Oh, crossing my fingers for a new Gears of War sequel too. :D


lol, I think trot is jeallous!

Just get it on PC, if you can't stomach the Xbox One. The experience might not be as good as Xbox One, but it is the next best thing of all games of 2014 shown so far for multiplayer deliciousness.
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lsujester  +   694d ago
I've heard almost nothing but good things about this game, but it still seems like COD with mechs to me. I also hear great things about COD on a yearly basis and those have been stale for years.

I'll definitely try it out when it arrives, but I'm not getting too amped up about it before then unless I get to play a beta or something.
Septic  +   694d ago

Your trying to say it's a game changer then you list a bunch of games which are also FPS,

Errr what kind of logic is that? So fans if existing franchises can't be excited for a game that is a game changer?

You think it's FPS with some added mechanics from other games....that goes to show that you simply don't get it.

Talking about opinions...maybe you should first try the game before forming one? It might lend credence to it in the future.
ShwankyShpanky  +   694d ago
"wall running which has been done in BRINK"

Bring on Brink 2 for the next-gens! Anyone know what Splash Damage is working on? (Brink was fun as hell... needed more maps though)

"Fans of Quake, Unreal..."

It would be nice to get this level of verticality and sci-fi feel back in a good FPS without the "modern military" backdrop.

I certainly won't be one to say Titanfall doesn't look interesting, but I can wait for it to come to PS4. Or get it on PC. ;)
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gaelic_laoch  +   694d ago
"As I walked away from the EA rep, who's hand I had shaken off, I felt a change. "

Hand!!!! Yeah pull the other one!
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neildee250  +   694d ago
I had a press pass yes, my first year. I paid for the launch day last year. I queued same as everyone else, no crew, I went with my girlfriend. I didn't get treated any different to any other small website out there, we were just public to them. I loved Watch_Dogs too, that was on PS4, this isn't regarding consoles whatsoever to me, I also know no-one from EA or Respawn, nor have I had any gratuities from either. Try listening to my podcast https://soundcloud.com/neil... you will see that I am rather neutral and speak like a gamer pure and simple. (my in-booth COD recording is here http://www.youtube.com/watc... I do understand that maybe those that prefer Sony maybe won't like that this is pretty much a microsoft game and yes I play on Xbox 360 currently, however, I did a similar thing for 'The Last of Us' and 'Gamestick' neither of which are Microsoft. Just wanted to clear up that it was my own opinion that brought this post about by travelling to Eurogamer in a van as a member of the public to find my favourite games for the year. Hope that clears things up.
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solar  +   694d ago
yeah, new genre of FPS? get off it. what genre is that? more QTE buttons to press?
Irishguy95  +   694d ago
This is a titanfall article stop talking about Beyond two souls
memots  +   694d ago

I think he is talking about Ryse?

Bundi  +   694d ago
My 360 is ready.
chrissx  +   694d ago
PC for me
Hufandpuf  +   694d ago
Xbox One for me.
neildee250  +   694d ago
I'd play it on a washing machine on spin if I could do it right now again. Xbox 360 and One for me, I want to compare them. Thanks Eurogamer for the free 4 day passes for next year if you read this. (we were crushed by the crowds after the COD prestige tickets) I placed 8th ;)
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WeAreLegion  +   694d ago
It's fun, but stop overhyping.
GameCents  +   694d ago
You played? You know for a fact it isn't as good as everybody is saying?
thebudgetgamer  +   694d ago
Why can't games just be interesting without re-inventing the wheel.
GameCents  +   694d ago
They can, this one does both. What is the problem?
christocolus  +   694d ago
Ms might just have another console seller in their hands...
shivvy24  +   694d ago
And if they do a good advertising for this and x1, I can bet it will push systems !
dethpuck  +   694d ago
It already has I preordered my Xbox as soon as I saw this game.
GrandpaSnake  +   694d ago
i played this game for a while, after many years of fps domination i was just already over it, i was super into lost planet thats why i was spyched for the mechs, but it feels too generic. Anybody considering this game, a game changer is really wrong because at the end of the day the majority of players will just stick with COD and BF4. I want to make a point that the guns actually feel just like COD(godlike weapons with hardly any recoil) when i was playing the majority of players were also PC advocates as well. i wouldnt be surprised if this game is bigger on pc.
HarryB  +   694d ago
The game looks like homefront. Matter of fact homefronts on a newer engine lol. Destiny is going to rip this apart. Their idea of source engine and new doesn't compute. The good thing about this game is that game modders will use this game to make better mods for it.
mhunterjr  +   694d ago
Do you REALLY see this and Destiny as direct competitors?
Swiggins  +   694d ago
This game looks amazing, and from what I'm hearing it plays even better.

I really hope that this game lives up to my expectations...I might finally be able to stop buying CoD for my twitch shooter fix.
AnotherProGamer  +   694d ago
it looks like fun but its not new genre of FPS

looks like a arena shooter with parkour and mechs like Brink(but without the mechs)
360nolife  +   694d ago
If anyone wants to satisfy your mech cravings I recommend playing Hawken
GrandpaSnake  +   694d ago
i actually get my fix with armored core.
TheOneEyedHound  +   694d ago
I think this is the less hyped big game out there, maybe because in all honestly I don't see that many people supporting the X1.

Irishguy95  +   694d ago
You have to get off N4G for that. Everyone who I have seen that has actually played it has nothing but praise, anyone with clear eyes can see why.
jairusmonillas  +   694d ago
Sorry but I think Destiny will be better.
dethpuck  +   694d ago
They really are too different games the only similarity is fps
MikeNike310  +   694d ago
I don't know if I like this guys. It's going to be hard to camp as a giant mech.
neildee250  +   694d ago
Thats really funny. I watched another vid earlier pretty much saying the same thing. It definitely takes the campers out of the game and yet it draws you to the rooftops. The fragility as a pilot is crazy yet the boldness of the in-game action is just nuts. It's a forced run and gun in effect. I can't wait to see how it works online though - that may present awkward moments when some smart-arse figures out an unbeatable tactic, then again we've pretty much seen that since COD4. Pretty glad to see something from the old infinity ward crew that works though.It worked on the day thats for sure.
Dorestant  +   694d ago
Nobody hates FPSs more than me!!!!!

....this game looks decent tho
dethpuck  +   694d ago
Haters hate on it because its an xbone exclusive otherwise it would killer. If it were only in gods console the ps4
Hicken  +   694d ago
No, it's just that it isn't the best thing since sliced bread, like people want to promote it as.

I think it looks like a helluva lot of fun, but nothing in it looks groundbreaking. It just looks like a great formula for a good fps. I'm sure that, if I play it, I'll have as much fun as I would in Killzone, but I haven't seen anything so far that's revolutionary or could cause some to say it's part of a "new genre."

That's just overhyping it.
Irishguy95  +   691d ago
Looks like the most Fun FPS, period.
Hicken  +   691d ago
Which is fine by me. But the most fun isn't necessarily the best. And that fun is subjective, anyway, otherwise everybody would only play the same games.

As I said, I think it'll be great fun to play. It was my most anticipated game at E3, XB1 exclusive or not. But that doesn't mean I'm blind to what it is.

Which is nothing revolutionary. No new genre or anything like that.

Just fun.

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