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Submitted by s8anicslayer 861d ago | opinion piece

Current gen only: the six most promising Xbox 360 games of 2014

OXM UK - "Is 22nd November the end of the road for Xbox 360? It's a question we've asked/been asked before, and the answer remains a firm and Lancelot-esque "nay!" A fair few next generation games will also show up on current generation consoles, minus a sparkly texture or two, and there's also a modest selection of current gen-only releases on the cards for next year." (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Dark Souls 2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken x Street Fighter, Warface, Xbox 360)

Mr Pumblechook  +   861d ago
There's not a single exclusive I can think of apart from Fable Anniversary - and that's just a HD update. Now that the XB one is coming out Microsoft are dropping the 360 faster than a ton of bricks. Sony has great successes with their consoles in their later years (the much quoted 10 year life span) because they keep producing exclusives. They released The Last of Us on PS3 when they could have saved it for the PS4, and that's a great way to support a console.
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from the beach  +   861d ago
Fable Anniversary is a full remaster of the game and I'm hugely looking forward to it.

Next year will be the Xbox 360's ninth. Amazing longevity and support, we'll see how PS3 is going when it's the same age.
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Aceman18  +   861d ago
you know damn well beach that the PS3 will continue to be supported even after the PS4 releases lol.

they did it with the PS1, they did it with the PS2, so you know it will happen with the PS3.

hell they're still support the PSP for godsake.
from the beach  +   860d ago
It's the least that would be expected, considering PS3 is a year younger than 360 - if they didn't, it would be like if MS stopped making 360 games this year, lol.
Hicken  +   860d ago
You'd be right, if it had only been a year since the 360 stopped getting real support, but it's been a few years now. That doesn't at all balance out the one year difference in age.
from the beach  +   859d ago
Oh, the 360's been getting plenty of support for the past few years. Best lineup out of PS3/360 in 2010 and 2012.

Again, we'll see if Sony has anything for PS3 in 2014. Maybe.
CrossingEden  +   861d ago
Um, last time I checked this isn't an exclusives list. -_-
Hicken  +   861d ago
But it's disappointing that there isn't ONE on the list.

A similar list for PS3 would have far more exclusives, which makes the 360 list that much more disappointing.
dirigiblebill  +   860d ago
Can't we just, I don't know, be happy that there are some Great Games To Play on a Console of Some Description? The bitterness of some of the comments in this thread is baffling.
GrandpaSnake  +   861d ago
these are all the games every xbox owner has already.
Magicite  +   861d ago
Day X1 gets released = Day X360 gets abandoned.
sashimi  +   861d ago
Actually it has already happened since the Xbone has taken all of the x360 exclusives for itself
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jb227  +   861d ago
there are xbox 360 games in 2014? That's news to me
joab777  +   861d ago
Dark souls 2 is the reason I am keeping my 360.
Scrumptious  +   861d ago
traded in my 360 for gamestop credit as I know microsoft will not be supporting 360 during the transition as evidenced by holding on to my original xbox during the first transition. Microsoft is looking ahead again and not supporting current gen at all with exclusives. I may be biased but their activity seems to suggest the same pattern of behavior as fully supporting the new console and not supporting the outgoing at all, I see the need with limited first party studios but just look at the PS3 games coming out at the moment from TLOU to GT6 to Rain to Beyond and Pupeteer. It makes sense to support current gen with the vast install base and still resource studios to nex gen at the same time. I also recognize both organizations efforts to abandon current gen as the cost of manufacturing obsolete technology is expensive (especially in the case of the PS3's cell processor) as a factor to move away from current gen.

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