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Submitted by o2a1 857d ago | news

GTA V Actors Reject Complaints of Supporting Violence

Grand Theft Auto's voice actors have gathered to defend the game from complaints that the game supports violent behaviour in children. The voice actors are calling their criticisms, hypocritical and a misconception. (Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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vishmarx  +   857d ago
ahhh..these crybabies!somebody needs to their 'voilence' theyre asses
hykoze398   857d ago | Spam
pixelsword  +   856d ago
Supporting violence in a game: deplorable

Supporting violence in a war: acceptable...?

Wave 'dem flags, hypocrites!
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GarrusVakarian  +   857d ago
Children shouldn't be playing or witnessing this game. Simple as that. The parents are to blame, not a videogame. The videogame is there to be played, it has absolutely no influence over anything or anyone......because its a disc. Blaming videogames instead of blaming parents is incredibly lazy and ignorant and the fact that this kind of BS comes from the majority of peoples main source of news is a scary thought.

When will dumb politicians/media and activists realise that?

Lol, one disagree, is that you Fox News?
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o2a1  +   857d ago
yea but read what Ned Luke said, he kind of owns them
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kparks  +   856d ago
U can say the same thing about guns but they want to keep passing dumb ass bans
vegnadragon  +   856d ago
Parents are the once watching the news not kids. If you want rating and business blaming video-game is a great idea. If i called you a lazy parent how would you react? I am sure everyone here know how you would react.

I agree the main problems are parents, really they don't want no responsibility now in days, they want the school to raise them, and the government to pay for them, this is not a communist country, morals are set a home not at a school.
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TheBossMan  +   856d ago
To be honest the only person I've seen defend video games as not contributing to violence is Stossel, and he works for Fox Business. Then again, I don't exactly watch the news so perhaps people on Democrat networks have defended the industry as well. If so good for them but I hear plenty of "progressives" calling for game bans as well as gun bans both in an effort to "save the children."
MrMeToo  +   856d ago
The thing is parents can only prevent kids from viewing certain movies, games ect. It's way too easy to access games and movies now and days. It's only going to get easier as technology improves. I think parents need to explain to their kids about why they don't want them playing certain games or watching certain movies. They should also explain what the consequences will be should they act on what they see in entertainment coupled with trying their best not lettting their kids view certain things. So yeah I agree with you , I just think parents should take it a step further with communication.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   856d ago
You are blaming parents for Rockstar crap games?
GarrusVakarian  +   856d ago
Lmao, what?

The article says that GTA5 supports violence in children, that can only be possible if the child is able to play the game and that can only be possible through parents not paying attention to what their kids are doing (bad parenting).

Sigh, the intelligence level on this website is laughable.
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   853d ago
"Sigh, intelligence level"?
chrissx  +   857d ago
Its a game made by adults,for adults. Why should there be a problem in this.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   857d ago
Yet nobody ever blames movies lol...
SouthClaw  +   857d ago
I am one of the agrees to your comment but I can see why gaming would get more blame than movies. Movies you watch something. Games you actually interact and do what is in the games as apposed to just viewing them. I think blaming games is rubbish. Kids should not be playing these games. Bad parenting.
christrules0041  +   857d ago
I think gaming gets more attention because of you can play games for a long time and more frequently. Movies are kind of a 2 hour thing and then you move on. Games take a while to beat so people play them more times over the week so games actually would have more of a influence then movies would because of the extra length gaming has. It's like saying you listened to screamo music for an entire day 4 days in a row and then watched 1 horror movie and then say your scared because of the movie when you actually set yourself up with how much screamo music you have been listening to.

There is also the parenting to teach the difference between a virtual game world and the real world.

Then there is the mental illness. The thing is with mental illnesses something sets them off but it isnt actually that that specifically is the problem. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain. What the government has to do is teach parents what types of mental illnesses are out there and what signs are to show what mental illness there child has. When they know they can get meds but since most parents don't know then what can they do? Nothing. That is where Ithink the government has gone extremely wrong. Instead of teaching and researching about it they blame it on games and research what affect the game has on a child when in reality it's what is the trigger but doesn't go down to the root of the problem.

Say the same kid with the same mental illness loves hockey. There grades are suffering so there parents pull them out of it. What is to stop that trigger? It could easily become the same outcome because they haven't gotten to the root of the problem.
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InTheZoneAC  +   856d ago
I think rap is by far the worst influence on "ignorant" people, due to "followers" and people that can't think straight for themselves.

movies and games should not be a thought
EliteGameKnight  +   857d ago
well thats interesting and all, but why is it connected to Wii and Wii U?

(ON TOPIC) Yes the game is for adults and it saddens me to think that young children are veiwing some of the things in that game. Not saying its a bad game or anything, but its rated M for many reasons. I personally wouldn't be caught dead playing it. it goes againsts my morals
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gaelic_laoch  +   857d ago
Rockstar does not support violence it merely facilitates an emulation of it!
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darren_poolies  +   857d ago
"It says it big as day -Mature. It's not for the kids to go get. It's for Mature audiences only. If kids get it, then that's on their parents."

Spot on.
thepatientgamer  +   857d ago
nothing like trying to make the next big headline over nothing. kinda sad for fox after not only one, but two shootings in our nations capital, plus the whole syria debacle and gov shutdown, and they think its worth talking about the violence directed to children in an ADULT rated game that is only ever allowed to be sold to ADULTS.
360nolife  +   857d ago
I swear does the ESRB need to enlarge their rating tag by 500% and make it red and green so everyone can see it?
Bonerboy  +   857d ago | Well said
I'd bet many of these complaints are coming from the same fucking retards who buy this game for their underage kids. Not to mention they are probably also responsible for plopping their fat little spoiled shit children in front of countless random TV shows and movies full of hardcore graphic violence, such as rape, murder and the like. But that's ok as long as it isnt GTA-V. Pfft.
Don't blame the game, blame yourselves. YOU, the horrendously ignorant, shitty, trashy parents who should have been sterilized before you even had a chance to squirt out your bastard children and raise them to be just as pathetic and worthless as you are. You know who you are you slack-jawed shit-bags.
o2a1  +   857d ago
lol, I laughed too hard at this
Broburger  +   857d ago
I agree 100%
windblowsagain  +   857d ago
It's an adults game.

Either enforce it or stfu.

Kids should not be playing it.

or Make a version for children, that does not involve hurting people etc.
ElementsUnknown  +   857d ago
Gaming, like all forms of media that's seen as "new" & "subversive" will eventually transition into the mainstream consciousness. Does anyone still think Elvis shaking his hips is going to degrade the moral fiber of the nation or pose a danger to children? Gaming is our generation's rock n roll.
cyclindk  +   857d ago
Guess they support tennis, yoga, golf, darts, racing, the stock market, business, being a good Samaritan, et cetera, et cetera.

What horrible people
kingPoS  +   856d ago
Awe come on! People - complaining about violence in a GTA game is like complaining about violence nudity or guns in R rated movies. It's as if some people heard about Saw and never expected it's violence or high body count. That again is why we have a ratings board for. - 'right'

M - is mature
R - is is potentially nude violent or packing heat.

Sounds like many a parent came across GTA5 from an impulse buy. If i were buying game for a kid I'd just get him or her Infamous 2 instead.
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Lykon  +   856d ago
ah let the kids play it. they know more swear words than i do. it's all m*****f***k*r this and that these days. I think kids should be sent far away ... somwehere like australia or something where they should do hard manual labour and learn manners..then at age 16 they can take a test to see if they are allowed to enter society. The ones that fail can be sold to sweatshop owners. You know as soon as a baby is born these days it's put on a pedestal until it goes mental . then when it's mother isn't getting enough baby attention anymore she has another by a different father it's all about her and her baby and her vagina all over again.
Lykon  +   856d ago
spay and neuter your daughters
Juste_Belmont  +   856d ago
I'm glad these guys are defending their work. It's sad that they have to come out and say these things, as instead of blaming things that you can easily avoid, you should be responsible for your own choices in life.
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   856d ago
Maybe if they changed the "m" on the games to "R" for these parents they'd realize they might not want to buy it for jimmy.
"oh this game is rated R! I know what THAT means." I know it SAYS M for mature but I just don't think some of these people realize how similar games are getting to movies as far as the cinematic storytelling aspect goes with the graphics getting better and better.
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Kuse  +   856d ago
Of course they are going to back the company they work for, You don't knock a gifted horse in the mouth..
Lon3wolf  +   856d ago
I remember when Rock Music got the blame for all of societies ills, same shit different pile :D
CuddlyREDRUM  +   856d ago
If they were actors they wouldn't be doing GTA.
coopman300  +   856d ago
The game has a mature rating for a reason, if the parents decide to let their children play the game then it's all on them. Also i played violent video games all through my childhood and i never shot anybody up. Kids today need to spend more time in the real world so they'll know the difference between reality and virtual reality.
bloodybutcher  +   856d ago
jesus, it's like every freakin' time with gta games. parents: don't let your goddamn children play it! there is a rating for a reason. i have seen mothers buying gta 4 and cod games for 11/12 year-old kids. who should they blame if anything happens, huh?
MyWordIsGospel  +   856d ago
Are we still having this conversation in 2013, Freddie Kruger and Childs Play were the enemies when I was growing up. Guess you don't get that much attention over horror movies these days.
eman3d  +   856d ago
Movies and video games are not the same as people, especially gamers, try their best to have you believe. When you watch a movie you allow the movie to 'take you somewhere' you allow yourself to be in a suspended disbelief and the movie has full control of YOU. In a video game YOU are CONTROLLING the outcome of the story, unlike in a movie. Because of this control factor video games are a mort intimate medium. If you choose to shoot someone in the head, it's your choice, it's YOU doing it. To ignore this fact is just being a video game fanboy. In Grand Theft Auto V YOU choose if you want to go to a strip club and get a lap dance. It's these choices that make video games more of a reflection of the person playing the games which can have an affect on a persons demeanor in real life. You can ignore this but it's true.
That's why parents have to really pay attention and read up on the contents of the 'game' GTA V is a game that plays upon violence, sex, drugs, lewdness, racial stereotypes, etc. something humans tend to gravitate towards, which says a lot about us as humans. It's not a game for kids and YES if you let your kids play this game it CAN have a negative affect on them due to it's immoral content.
The_BoZZ1991  +   856d ago
Who else of you read the statements of the voice actors and had their voices in mind? :D
Steven Tgg (Trevor) talked to much. He just had to say "Fu*k you all. I will blow up your heads and sh*t in them. The story and characters in GTA V go for Trevor Philips Enterpraises OR THEY AIN'T GOING!" ^^

Anyway I agree with Ned Luke and the other two.
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