NVC: Which Nintendo Franchise Would You Get Rid of?

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PopRocks3591625d ago

How about none. Getting rid of any franchise from any company is an abhorrently stupid idea because whether or not I like Mario or Uncharted or Halo, somebody out there is still a fan of those games and it's not fair to take that away from someone.

ChickeyCantor1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I really don't get why people thrive on the notion that IPs need to die out because they have grown out of it.
Either the majority of gamers have a case of Aspergers syndrome or they are just egocentric dicks.

UltimateMaster1625d ago


Who's with Mii?

At least give them a proper body.

thehobbyist1624d ago

As someone with Aspergers syndrome I'd like to let you know that you're shallow assumption that Aspergers syndrome causes people to have poor opinions of things is absolutely disgusting. Why should I be lamented for thinking that some IP's have overstayed their welcome. It's a simple opinion it's not like I'm performing virgin blood sacrifices about it. And why should people be told they have cognitive issues because they share this opinion?

TekoIie1625d ago

They said Yoshi's New Island looks horrible...

Burn them... Burn them all...

yeahokchief1625d ago

I agree with ultimate master. Get rid of Miis.

Otherwise my vote goes for Wii Fitness type games.

Zodiac1625d ago

What would be the point of killing a franchise? They have not made yoshi for a while, so lets get rid of the franchise? Then you really will never get a yoshi game again.

Neonridr1625d ago

Hard to kill any franchise when they all still sell.

AWBrawler1625d ago

maybe nintendogs, but nahhh people love that and thats leaving money on the table

yeahokchief1625d ago

Nintendogs is another good choice. +1

chrissx1625d ago

All nintendo franchises are doing good. I won't get rid of any

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The story is too old to be commented.