GameSpy: The Incredible Hulk Preview

GameSpy writes: "The New York Comic Con is the ideal venue in which to a debut a game based on the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" film. This is especially true if the content of said demo revolves mainly around a wholesale leveling of Manhattan. Indeed, Sega's showcase of The Incredible Hulk (based on the upcoming film, and featuring voicework by all its notable stars, including Ed Norton and Liv Tyler), focused on little but. Show attendees will be made privy to much in the way of deformable geometry, but as far as the salient facts go regarding why the Hulk is so mad (and what sort of missions he'll embark on to sate his ire), they're just going to have to wait for the movie to find out."

-Accomplished physics lend the fantastical destruction some credibility

-No first-hand looks at the content of the missions

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