Sony talks Trophy transfers to PS4, also confirms no HDMI capture at launch

Incase anyone was thinking of making a new PSN account for online gaming with the Playstation 4 and transferring their current Trophy collection, this won't be possible. Also HDMI capture for launch will not be available.

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Majin-vegeta1629d ago

Yes i wanna keep on building my trophies.would hate to start all over.

Now we wait for the xbox fanboys to turn this into a negative article xuz of the HDMI -_-.

Blaze9291629d ago

insecure much?

anyway, I wonder if we can change our PSN names this time around.

xHeavYx1629d ago

I think they haven't confirmed/denied anything regarding changing PSN names, they did mention it's a complex process

AridSpider1629d ago


Microsoft has enabled their consumers to change gamertags as many times as they want since the Xbox 360 launched. Maybe even back on the original Xbox. Of course, for a fee.

Sony is now charging us for PSN come next gen - complex process or not (which i don't believe) they better figure it out. How hard can it really be.

Which is why i think we all need to start asking Sony what exactly ARE their PSN plans next-gen. We're all required to pay now but we really havent heard anything on how the infrastructure has and will improve compared to today.

ohiostatesman1629d ago

Can't even do capture on PS4. WTF. For being a next gen system. The PS4 doesn't seem that way.

soljah1629d ago

can u capture game footage from hmdi on the ps3?
doesn't it have the same copy protection system?

Destrania1629d ago


And yet you can't transfer your Gamerscore over. That's worse.

jatakk1629d ago


What do you mean by can't transfer your Gamerscore over?

If you mean that if you change your gamertag the gamerscore isn't transferred, you are wrong.

If you mean transferring achievements/trophies and gamerscore/trophy level on the 360/PS3 between different accounts, you are right.

Deadpoolio1629d ago

They have confirmed that NO you cannot change your name if your transferring it from PS3 to PS4....But that your more than welcome to just create a new ID.....Nobody lets you change your name

darren_poolies1629d ago


Yes but don't Microsft charge you to do that? Something like 800 MS points?

hellzsupernova1629d ago

I will be helpful and answer your question. No you cannot change your user name at this stage. However you can change the way it appears, eg you can use your real name.

Sono4211629d ago

Please Sony don't allow people to change their names!

Everytime i'm on xbox that's all I get is a bunch of messages that all say something along these lines "hey this is blahblahblah and ive now changed my name to blahblah just letting you know" now this wouldn't be so bad if people didn't change their gamertags every other week! It's nearly impossible to keep track of who's who if you have over 5 friends.... PLEASE Sony... DON'T allow us to change our names... and if you do.. only once!

FamilyGuy1628d ago

HDMI capturing will be patched, there's ways around the protection that people serious about game capture should already be aware of/have anyway.

Obviously your trophies aren't going to transfer if you're making a new account, what kind of question is that?

As far as changing your user name goes, Japanese PSN accounts/users have had this ability for a long time. It's not "hard to do", it's just not implemented in other countries. The reason/reasons why could be anything but the user above me has a scenario that might be why.

I could imagine being annoyed by seeing names I don't recognize pop up on my PSN friends list because of people changing their minds so often. I know it annoyed me in WKCs 2 with a few of my friends that would change their characters names or appearances too often.

As far as I'm concerned none of this is even "news", all this has been known for a while.

pixelsword1628d ago

"Incase anyone was thinking of making a new PSN account for online gaming with the Playstation 4 and transferring their current Trophy collection, this won't be possible."


Who allowed this to pass?

Jaces1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

That would be nice I suppose, though my PSN name has grown on me a bit. lol!

noctis_lumia1628d ago

dont need to be insecure we all know which console will get OWNED next gen

xbox one

President1628d ago

What a dumb title: "Trophy transfers to PS4" should be Trophy transfers to another PSN ID.

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abzdine1629d ago

his answers are always so damn short :D

UnHoly_One1629d ago

I think Yes and No are the only English words he can type. lol

ProA0071629d ago

"The Playstation 4 was originally planned to also include this restriction. However due to a backlash from customers and Microsofts Xbox One allowing HDMI capture, Sony recently reversed this restriction"

Lol...i just find that funny - you know, following the Xbox One DRM situation. But no one makes fun of Sony for this reversal 180 huh? Ooooof course not.

SonyNGP1629d ago

Why make fun of it? It's not funny in the slightest. I sure as hell didn't want Sony to implement that backwards-ass restriction again.

Nicaragua1629d ago

at least he is up front about the reason for the change instead of spouting off how they did it because the fans are passionate.

come_bom1629d ago

Of course Sony does 180's, they just aren't badly advertised as Microsoft's 180's... specially in N4G.

neocores1629d ago

Troll much sony as mark,shu said they never even had that on thier mind they have said it many times to

Blaze9291629d ago


lol you know it's "cool" to hate Microsoft and their products nowadays. It's just the "cool" thing to do. Don't you want to be "cool"?

thebudgetgamer1629d ago

"But no one makes fun of Sony for this reversal 180 huh?"

Isn't that what you're doing right now?

GiggMan1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

180's are good as long as they are not bone head 180's. Who cares as long as we benefit. Keep the positive 180's coming MS and Sony :-)

admiralvic1629d ago

"Lol...i just find that funny - you know, following the Xbox One DRM situation. But no one makes fun of Sony for this reversal 180 huh? Ooooof course not."

Cause a problem that at most affects 3% (I assume it's well under 1%...) of the total market is the same as DRM that affects 100% of the market. Also unlike the original Xbox DRM, you had realistic and viable solutions...

1) Use the included PVR functions. No one is stopping you, just stopping you from using your own machine to get it.
2) Get a splitter. Worked on the PS3 and should work on the PS4.

Where as Xbox One was

1) Buy the system and accept it.
2) Don't buy the system and move on.

Also, even though I am one of the people with an HDPVR, I would say that you couldn't even make it into a big deal if you tried. Even when this was first rumored people just said to use the included one and shut up.

QuickdrawMcgraw1629d ago

Aren't you making fun?Who is this no one you speak of?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1629d ago

because its a small problem with a simple patch. Xbox one was built around the DRM and all features that came with it

M-M1629d ago

That's because no one reads the articles, just the headline lol. The restriction mainly had to do with Sony being a movie company, so they got paranoid and restricted the whole system.

Deadpoolio1629d ago

Uh Nice try troll...Sony never said that you couldn't so there is NOTHING to One80 about....Unlike Micro$oft who has to One80 every other day.....It's amazing how hard you Xbots have to try to troll knowing that the company whose spunk you love gargling are the kings of flip flopping

MajorMayhem701628d ago

You better hush you mouth boyyyy! This is Sony were talking about. If somebody should hear you talking like that, well let's just say it could get ugly round here. You know damn well there's separate rules considering which console we're talking about. Now run along boy. We're starting to draw attention..... Lmao

FamilyGuy1628d ago

It's only a 180 if you say no, then change your mind to yes, or something similar. Sony is changing a standard function to be more user friendly based on request. The HDMI video capture protection is standard on all bluray players, they're going out of their way to change this standard for the fans. A 180 would be if they said "We won't be be doing/allowing this." and later changed because of backlash.

THC CELL1628d ago

Rather em block video than gaming yawn off back to bed and dream about my ps4 again killzone in my dreams wtf I just killed the Master Chief wait its a dream ah well.

ShinnokDrako1628d ago

I hope you understand the difference between DRM on games and this about capturing from HDMI... well, since you posted that, i guess you have no clue about it.

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Bundi1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

So obsessed with Xbox fans.

1629d ago
showtimefolks1628d ago

Please don't allow people to change their user names, on xbox360 it's weekly thing to change name so to quite hard to keep track of all your friend list

Maybe allow a one time thing but not anytime you want deal

XisThatKid1627d ago

Why not make it a pay thing maybe first time free kinda deal I just want to group my FList like on AIM or something or PSN Clans and transferable across various games save time and organizable

showtimefolks1626d ago


that's smart 1st one free but after that anywhere from $2.99 to $5.99, the more expensive it is the better chances not many will keep spending just to change name

FACTUAL evidence1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

This pretty much confirms sony not making a psn id change feature for ps4, so these a-holes just not going to let me change my name? No way im dropping 90 plats, and hundreds of dollars in downloads.....Sony don't upset us and make a name change feature's not as simple as just making a new "FREE" account anymore...MAKE IT HAPPEN, get with the program already.

CuddlyREDRUM1628d ago

Or Sony fanboys saying no HDMI capture at launch, when Mark Cerny was talking about it in the Spring, is no big deal.

pixelsword1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I'm almost willing to say that it can be bypassed.

I'm expecting to see videos within the first few days of the launch.

corvusmd1628d ago

At least you acknowledge that the HDMI is a negative. True, I really don't care, but since PS Fanboys would be quick (in fact first post) to point out the same thing if it was the other way is impression of a PS Fanboy in reverse:
"HAHAHA PS3.5 sucks it will fail!! Another 180 by $Ony!! First they said there would be NO HDMI support, now they have to backtrack to keep up with Microsoft. XB1 FTW"

See how annoying that crap is??? This is why people are touring away from PS4 so fast, because it seems that MS's "no jerks" policy is all about sending them to PS4. At least what I was purposely being annoying about was based on fact...most times PS Fanboys are just spitting non-sense. It's actually true that Sony said they would not support HDMI capture at all, now reversed that policy and is doing it late. The reason you noticed that this would get trolled, is cause you are one of the biggest trolls out there and if it was the other way, you'd be all over it....if you don't like it...stop doing it.
(Respond and cry all you want, I'll never see it, I don't respect your opinion because you've proven over and over that you're just a biased fanboy that has no needs for facts)

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malokevi1629d ago

Duh! Achievements/trophies are, and should be, tied to the identity under which they were earned. If you get a new identity, it makes sense that you have to start from scratch. Otherwise, people would be swapping trophies and selling their accounts like crazy.

That's why I've been "killing machine" since 2001/2002. So long ago that I can't even remember when the Xbox Live beta test happened.

I'm 23 years old. So 2001 was more than half a lifetime ago for me. I can say with confidence that there are very few things in my life that have been as consistent as my Xbox Live gamertag. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud, and that I didn't have some sort of emotional attachment to the account.

For as long as I can, I wont be giving it up. I'm hoping to bag a similar name on PSN, though I assume the pickings are slim at this point in the game.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1629d ago

I will take that name on a dummy account so you cant have it... I joke :) or do i?

KUV19771629d ago

You can just register it now in case it is still available.

malokevi1628d ago

Oh thats cool, I'm just gonna wait, but good to know!

QuickdrawMcgraw1628d ago

Ha sneaky malokevi always throws a little mention of Sony in his writings.Sneaky trolls worst then blatant fanboys.

malokevi1628d ago

Two comments? Wow, you're really desperate for my attention. Flattered, but spoken for, thanks!

malokevi1628d ago


Sony, he who shall not be named!

Take a pill.

QuickdrawMcgraw1628d ago

LOL I can assure you a pill is not need.I'm just on to you sneaky malokevi.Find a different schtick.Or better yet just come out and be what you are a flaming Xbox fanboy.Nothing wrong with that.Be up front and proud of it.

GTgamer1628d ago

I figured him out a couple days ago.

malokevi1628d ago

Lol, settle down buddyboy! I literally said nothing bad about ps4, if you bother to actually read my comment. In fact, all I said was that I hope my gamertag is available on PSN.

So yeah... take a pill, sounds like you need to chillax a little =P I can only assume your open minded enough to consider getting an xbox? Lol

*rolls eyes*

Heee who shall not be named, loogout weasly!

QuickdrawMcgraw1628d ago

It's ok sneaky mal,you can pretend it's you is oh so calm and cool.And you can pretend it's you who's so open minded,we know the truth.Just think back to some of your past comments.It always the same.So if that's your schtick and you don't have what it takes to be up front.That's ok.There is room for all of us gamers here.

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pixelsword1628d ago

No, I think once it's transferred, you should get three times to change your name, and that's it.

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Transporter471629d ago

I'm glad they are going to support HDMI capture too bad its not launch but i'm happy it will come. Also until then I want to try the Share button :P

mt1629d ago

true I hope it comes so fast after launch. I want to flood youtube with my silly videos. XD

4logpc1629d ago

I wonder how big sites will get their video for reviews without breaking the law.

ALARM-clock1629d ago

Most of the big game reviewers will be given debug consoles from Sony.

shadow27971629d ago

The same way they do now, since the PS3 (and maybe the 360?) has this restriction.

4logpc1628d ago

ps3 has component out, ps4 does not.

Xbox 360 has component and doesnt have HDCP on on game content.

mushroomwig1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

'also confirms no HDMI capture at launch'

This has been known for some time now, it'll be a software patch soon after launch due to consumer demand.

ProA0071629d ago

they never gave a time frame.