Gamers petition for EA to finish Star Wars 1313

Gamers have started a petition on for Electronic Arts to finish the production of Star Wars 1313. After Disney acquired LucasArts in 2013, all employees were laid off and the company was shut down, thus cancelling all current projects. This included games such as Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault.

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nirwanda1871d ago

Me too I'm in.
I will also be avoiding disney and ea starwars games.
I don't understand how they can just throw away something that looked so promising and it must have been quite far along in terms of production.
I'm sure they could have come to some arrangement for ea to publish it.

PixelNinja1871d ago

For the love of all things Star Wars, sign this petition!

IG-881871d ago

I will sign this as long as you play as IG-88. :p

SmoothC9111871d ago

I get this, I really do, 1313 looked pretty damned good, but shouldn't the petition go to Disney to allow EA to complete the game? Or am I off on this; I also seem to remember that EA got exclusive Star Wars dev rights for a window too (?)

KYU21301871d ago

you are correct. as EA does not own the rights to Star Wars or the 1313 title all petitions should go to Disney. And from what i understand Disney picked up Lucas Films and all things Star Wars to pick apart the Tech Lucas Films had on hand. So a petition while a great idea is a complete waste of time.

Yes they are making a new movie, and working on a Live action TV Show but this is Disney. you will only see a Star Wars Game if it fits into the movie/Tv Show pipeline.

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The story is too old to be commented.