Roundtable: What is Your Most Disappointing Game of the Generation?

The VGU staff discuss their personal disappointments with games from the current generation.

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Sadist31626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Assassin's Creed. The game had great potential, and the first game was ok but the rest were executed horribly. The AI sux, you literally run through the game hitting the attack button over and over again to brain dead enemies, and the settings suck. Fighting pirates in part 4? Fighting the guy on the front cover of the Quaker oatmeal box in part 3? Seriously? An assasin's should not be fighting Benjamin freaking Franklin. The setting should have been in ancient Egypt, or feudal japan. The series doesn't even have a point anymore.

Software_Lover1626d ago

I forgot about Assassins creed. Maybe because I'm just getting around to actually playing them.

I remember when the game was first being shown. The open worlds. The horseback riding. I was like yes, UBI has done it again. I didn't know it was gonna be some flashback crap from the future.

I'm sure the story is great, but that just threw me off just a little bit.

abzdine1626d ago

i'll say PES cause that series is the one i must have played the most on PS1 and PS2.

but if i have to choose a current gen only series it'll be Assassin's Creed without a doubt.. cheesy as hell!

listenkids1626d ago

It did have potential, then they made 2 which improved greatly on this said potential, providing a great game, with a even better follow up with Brotherhood.
Because the series isn't going the way you'd like, or is being overused doesn't make an individual title bad.

Alas, everyone has opinions, even those formed from those around it.

RytGear1626d ago

Precisely, althought the newer titles are getting bad (Connor in AC3 and Damn Pirates!? in AC4) The Ezio trilogy were all fantastic games, lets not forget that

Lovable1626d ago


The whole series is just awful. It's beyond saving right from when they released the first one. Game is terrible.

3-4-51626d ago

AC3 is responsible for me not caring about the series anymore.

AC2 and brotherhood were really good games.

ironfist921626d ago

AC3 gets alot of undeserved flack for its flaws. Imean, there are definitely worse games which are broken and a complete and utter mess. Ac3 just has the problem of havign a few large flaws mixed in with great traits and qualities, yet people tend to look at the bad constantly, and judge it bad overall.

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FITgamer1626d ago

That thumbnail pretty much answers the question for me. Thank Gamefly for saving me from wasting $60 on that ish.

Software_Lover1626d ago

I have many

Haze........ just not fun
Too Human... What this game could've been (wrong developer)
Lair.... the reason I bought my launch ps3
Bionic Commando......Dreads? they screwed up the mechanics

I could go on and on but top of the list for me is probably Mass Effect...... after Mass Effect 1. They just turned it into a third person shooter. You didn't even need to use the RPG mechanics or grind out to get your gear.

MazzingerZ1626d ago

Lair played well if you held the controller as if was laying on a table and always returned to that position, I had no problems playing it, it was rather very early and instructions were poor, a youtube video on PS Blog would do the trick if game was launching today

Actually, I tried to play it again with the patch and I couldn't, sixaxis felt more natural

nevin11626d ago

For me this gen really sucked compared to NES-PS2 era. Games I enjoyed in the past wasn't good this gen.
GTA 4 was boring

Sports games were average

Wrestling sucked

MGS4- MGO was one my favorite highlight this gen. But the SP was disappointing. Way to much focus on story.

GOW: Ascension- Tried to implement multiplayer

Overall I give this gen a 7.5(and I might be generous)

dcj05241626d ago

Why is ascension bad because it had multiplayer? I don't get it.

HeavenlySnipes1626d ago

"Way to much focus on story"

Did you play any of the MGS games? MGS2 and 3 (3 especially) had very long story segments

With the game being the end of a saga, you'd expect them to tie up loose ends storywise so veteran players feel satisfied at the end

GOW Ascensions MP was fun, didn't like the "the more you play the better stuff you have" progression system because I joined late and everyone was overpowered compared to me

Angrymorgan1626d ago

Duke nukem........cant say much more...

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