RUMOR: The Last of Us DLC Details

Wondering what the upcoming DLC for The Last of Us is going to consist of? A tester at Sony Computer Entertainment America (who wished to remain anonymous) talked to Gamers Heroes about the first two DLC packs planned for The Last of Us.

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JohnnyHurricane1696d ago

It would be nice to know what happens in those parts.

-Foxtrot1696d ago

Id rather they focus on Tommy, Tess or othrr characters like Marlene.

derkasan1696d ago

Even if these are true, do you think there will be more than two DLC packs?

-Foxtrot1696d ago

With how log it's took them to do these two, one of them we're not getting untill next year I doubt it. I'd rather at that point they focus on a new game for the PS4

-Foxtrot1696d ago

I feel like it would be better then those ideas, hopefully they arn't true

We know what happened with Ellie and Riley it was in the comics and we played a little of Ellie already when Joel was out during Winter.

I want to see what happened after <spoilers>

Joel's daughter was shot, what he and Tommy did during then up to the point they parted ways

How Joel met Tess

What Tess did during and after the outbreak

Same goes for Marlene and her hike with the fireflies to meet Joel and Ellie.

Henry and Sam before they met Joel/Ellie

Bill and his partner and how he ended up going a tad "crazy"

maxcon1696d ago

There's only one SP DLC. Fake.

ConsoleHQ1696d ago

Yeah I'm calling BS on this. They only said one campaign pack.
Also Ellie would be too green in this DLC. Either she would know how to shoot (which would be odd because she probably hasn't wielded many guns) or she wouldn't know how to shoot (and that wouldn't be as fun to play).

Also this is explained in the comics. Why would they retread this?

showtimefolks1695d ago

Whatever ND decide I will gonna buy it