Games Breaking New Ground with Xbox SmartGlass: Dead Rising 3, Project Spark, Just Dance 2014

By Xbox Wire Staff-

In early September, Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessner showed you how Xbox SmartGlass will be an integral part of your entertainment on Xbox One. He shared a few examples of how the companion experience will be used in games, but today we’re excited to share more specific details.

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kennyg37391692d ago

The Dead Rising smartglass experience sounds pretty cool.

PoSTedUP1691d ago

i think it looks better for Spark. spark just looks awesome in general.

FamilyGuy1691d ago

Seems really/a lot more useful on something like Project Spark as well.

denawayne1691d ago

I'm glad I don't need to spend $200 to enjoy smartglass

JimmyLmao1691d ago

what is that supposed to mean?

DOMination-1691d ago

Your phone was probably more than what a Vita costs and Sony have an app too

JimmyLmao1691d ago


iPhone or Android have PlayStation App which is the same as SmartGlass

PS Vita has PS4 Link which is the same as SmartGlass

Ulf1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

You guys (@above) are misinterpreting Sony/Yoshida's comments, regarding the PS app on iOS and Android. Said app is NOT Sony's version of smartglass. Its a tool for social networking and checking out your trophies, game news, buying from the PS store, etc. The only version capable of interacting with streaming gameplay is the Vita one. The others can only do "share button" style interaction -- i.e. you can watch other people play.

Thus, this guys snarky comment is largely correct (although I'm not sure I would call Vita gameplay and Smartglass as being all that similar), and you guys are setting PS fans up for looking like chuckleheads down the road.

In your defense, some news media sites also jumped the gun and assume WAY too much by reading between the lines.

BobBelcher1691d ago

yeah, but his phone probably also does much more than the Vita does.

BallsEye1691d ago

The app you are talking about is nothing like smartglass. It's for social and browsing store purposes.


We all got phones, very few of us have vitas. Why? Vita is a handheld gaming console, while phone is a crucial tool in everyone's life today. It's enough that I play at home, no need for me to play when I'm outside so I don't see myself buying vita. Smartglass is a perfect solution just for about anyone.

ALLWRONG1691d ago

Actually many phones come free with a plan and there are more phones than Vita's. Vita can't even catch up to 3DS. How is it supposed to compete with phones?

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denawayne1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

My phone was $.99 plus $35 activation fee. Anything else?

Navick1691d ago

Yea did it come with analog sticks and buttons?

DOMination-1691d ago

Yeah how much will it cost you over the next few years

denawayne1689d ago

Why would my phone need sticks and buttons? My controller has those. Oh, so I can play on it remotely where I have a 60" tv. Sounds logical to me.

FamilyGuy1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Stealth trolling the PS Vita? You do realize the PS App will work on tablets and SmarPhones too right?

@ Ulf

Yeah the comparison is with using a phone as a game controller or for a handheld map. I don't really see the allure in those particular features though with use on a creative game like Project Spark I could see it being handy. Other than that the comparisons PS fans are making is based on the other, similar features.

Studio-YaMi1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Ha! and they say Xbox fanboys don't bring the competition into their articles.

You're insecure I see,no matter! the PS Vita is still 10 times better than your nowadays smart phone for gaming.

Plus,Sony has some mobile functions to be addressed with mobile devices and tablets,not even talking about the Sony app.

And you got your phone for $0.99 because you got it on a plan,how much is it gonna cost you in the end ? ... yeah,thought so ! :)

Now try to be smarter next time you wanna troll something.

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grassyknoll1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

No problem with Smartglass, but extra missions through the app for Dead Rising is a definite no no for me. If you buy the game for the console, you should have access to all of its content.

jamsam3601691d ago

@grassyknoll Not in this day and age os digital content! Its all about you spending more of your money on there products! Gaming will never again be what it was in the good old days of buying a game puting it in and playing right then with everything on disc or cartridge! No entering codes waiting for installs or buying extra DLC! I miss it and allways will! But shit has changed and our Capitalist society has made it that way! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

Studio-YaMi1691d ago

This new generation of gaming is gonna try so much to implant everyday mobile devices into our gaming habitat.

Don't know how I feel about that,don't wanna put down my controller to switch my gameplay to my mobile,if it was for streaming then I wouldn't mind since that would be great,but for gameplay purposes that I'm ALREADY doing with my gaming controller on my TV ?

I don't know,maybe I'll get used to it & it will eventually prove me wrong,being a good thing in the end.

It does sound interesting for Project Spark though,I'll give them that.

KingDadXVI1691d ago

They have actually demoed Halo 4 being streamed to low end pc and windows phone using an xbox controller.

TechMech21691d ago

Ya. That'll be awesome if its released. I'd buy windows OS for my mac if this releases

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