GameSpy: The Wheelman Preview

GameSpy writes: "We'll trim through the niceties of discussing The Wheelman's ties to Vin Diesel and get right down to business: it's pretty fun stuff. You'll take the wheel as Milo, a getaway driver in Barcelona who asks few questions of his clients. Along the way, he'll deal with master catburglars, sketchy middlemen, and gangs whose conflicting interests could eventually put Milo in the crossfire. We got to try out two levels, which showed off The Wheelman's driving system as well as the action outside of the car. There are a few slippery spots that concern us, but overall it's rather fun, and we're looking forward to seeing how it evolves before its fall release."

-Good sense of speed and vehicle handling/combat
-The virtual Barcelona looks great
-Cool special attacks

-Some driving elements need tweaking
-On-foot combat feels a little... pedestrian

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