Games Radar: Unreal Tournament III Hands-On

The Xbox 360 version of futuristic uber-shooter Unreal Tournament III doesn't have a different name. Its summer 08 release date will put it on shelves more than half a year later than the PS3 and PC versions, but this is largely the same game and not a sequel or greatly expanded version. That's fine, because it's a very, very good game and it comes with all the downloadables PS3 and PC players have gotten in the meantime.

But 360 fans are entitled to desire something to make up for their wait. Luckily, they're getting it, in the form of split-screen play (online, local, and co-op), two new characters and five new maps. The characters are basically just palette swaps of existing models: Kana is a female Ronin, and Nova a robot-like Liandri beast. But the maps are some serious stuff.

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CiRCuiTz3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

this is huge to u guys right.thats what u have said with gta4. its all about split screen till u found out u aint gettin it either. no wait its all about the mods right. u ps3 fanboys will spin it however it needs spun to sound good for u. click ok if u agree . then agree with this statement. if our a ps3 punka22 fanboy then disagree. hahahahaha