Mortal Kombat vs DC: Full Roster?

By now you've probably heard the utterly insane news about Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Games Radar's first thought was "hm that's 10 years after Marvel vs Capcom guys," but immediately after the inner snark died down they started trying to compile a list of who will and won't make the cut. Then they heard Ed Boon say Batman, Superman, Sub-Zero and Scorpion were all on board and that further characters will be decided by popularity and how well the compliment the other franchise.

What's that mean? Well, Boon claims Sub-Zero is roughly equivalent to Batman because they're both the silent-broody-night-ninja type (not sure about Superman and Scorpion though...), so that means the rest of the characters should have some kind of connection. Armed with this information (and a stupidly vast love of comics) Games Radar finalized this list of incredibly likely inclusions.

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Genuine3718d ago

I for one would have been much happier with a pure next-gen MK. There is a decent chance that I'll be sitting this one out.

MK_Red3718d ago

I'm with you. Hopefully the real MK8 is still in developement and all of this is just a spin-off.

As for characters, Kitana should have gone with Wonder Woman since both are princesses are something. Any way, I just want to see Joker an Doomsday in this game.

Tetsuryu3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I couldn't agree more. Especially after seeing the some clips from the trailer, it doesn't appear to be much different from the previous MK installments, despite promises of completely redone gameplay mechanics. The character animations are still too stiff for this generation standards (next-gen).

MADGameR3718d ago

I have'nt really been paying attention to the batman movies and all that other stuff. (Because I hate movie games)

DiabloRising3718d ago

I have no interest in this, especially if there are no fatalities or blood. That's just absurd. But this game is instant fail if the final boss isn't Darkseid.

Ri0tSquad3718d ago

I don't even know why there calling it Mortal Kombat though.

kydrice3718d ago

MK vs Killer Instinct would of been better.

Danja3718d ago

totally agree....but killer instinct pwns MK...

still Mid-Way better come good with this one..or they could literally kill the MK franchise...even though the it seems they've been trying to do that since Deadly Alliance.

Fallen_Angel3718d ago

Ya that been pretty cool i think that Or MK vs Image

hamburgerhill3718d ago

Well this has got to be the craziest news ever! OH well I guess it will be cool to play or at least check out! Personally I was expecting something else and dont see why they just didnt make a seperate DC fighter! I wonder how Halo or RFOM would of turned out if there was a surprise visit by Superman!

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The story is too old to be commented.