GameSpy: Unreal Tournament III Preview - Same beautifully rendered game, but with more maps and voice chat that works

GameSpy writes: "Technically speaking, you could say that you pretty much know what to expect from the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III, because this game was already released on two comparable platforms (PS3 and PC). Still, beyond the frantic shooter gameplay (which remains thankfully unchanged) Epic and Midway have thrown in a few bonus goodies to sweeten the pot. There will be five new maps packed into the 360 version (as well as all downloadable content up to this point, consisting of three additional maps) and two new character models, but the thing that stood out most was the addition of ultra-smooth split-screen play that is totally compatible with the online multiplayer, enabling you and a friend to compete as a duo over Xbox Live."

-New maps offer a surprisingly new experience
-Online functionality that is actually worthy of the name

-Who has time for another highly competitive FPS?

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