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Submitted by Nike 855d ago | news

Mark Cerny Explains Why PS4 Probably Won't Have A Mascot

PlayStation 4 chief system architect Mark Cerny is arguably one of the biggest names in the gaming industry at this time, which is amazing considering his humble origins. The man worked on Crash Bandicoot after all, which went on to become the biggest franchise on the PS1. Now he's working on Knack, which looks to embody a lot of the same philosophies implemented in Crash. But is Cerny aiming to make Knack the official mascot for the PS4? For that matter, will the console even have a mascot? (Knack, PS4)

sigfredod  +   855d ago
Game companys doesn´t create mascots, we the players do, nintendo never tought that the jumping character from donkey kong will become their "mascot" neither MS with halo, we are te ones who fall in love with a particular character thats how crash, spyro, ratchet etc became so popular, sony tends not to attach to much to a character each gen had like their own popular character
Abash  +   855d ago
Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank, Cole McGrath, Sweet Tooth, The Helghast, and Sly Cooper are all PlayStation mascots.

I can easily see Delsin Rowe becoming a PlayStation mascot as well and maybe even Knack
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Lannister  +   855d ago
How will they ever make a Knack plush toy ? Maybe with fishing wire.
trouble_bubble  +   855d ago
Exactly. Why put all your stock in one icon when you've always had a dozen subbing in and out at any given time? Three strong lines in hockey will beat out one allstar forward with a weak defense, anyday.
jcnba28  +   855d ago
Sony never had a mascot. If you showed a non-gamer a picture of any of those characters you mentioned they wouldn't recognize them. Mario is really the only mascot of gaming has.
Gozer   855d ago | Trolling | show
P_Bomb  +   855d ago
My kids instantly pick out the Sackboy plushies when we go through Toys'R'Us. They know the name already the same as Mario. Toy marketing definitely works.

Mario's in a league of his own though. Right place right time. The media helped make him an avatar of the entire videogame renaissance back in the mid to late '80s
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   855d ago
oh so casuals can recognize all of them. Just because gamers say those are sony mascots doesn't mean anything.
Sitdown  +   855d ago
You didn't/don't see Sonic as a mascot?
escott013  +   855d ago
As Tyrion Lannister would say..
ohiostatesman  +   855d ago
I don't think the PS4 games are good enough to warrant a mascot. No true system sellers like Halo or Mario.
shadow2797  +   855d ago
I thought the PlayStation mascot was Michael?
Kevin ButIer  +   854d ago
I like knack for this matter... just like crash and spyro... good times
Godmars290  +   855d ago
Need to tell that to Square, who shoved Lightning down many a fan's throat.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   855d ago
From what I heard, japanese gamers actually ask for more Lightning. SE has always been deaf(ish) to NA so it's not much of a surprise.
Magicite  +   855d ago
SE mostly cares about Japan and Japanese people really like Lightning.
Godmars290  +   855d ago
If JP fans like Lightning then they like buying $60 games then returning them a week later if not sooner judging by resell bins.
KnightRobby  +   855d ago
The shame is I don't even know the name of the Killzone 4 character. And that, in my opinion, is a failure. However, they do have Nathan Drake, but I always consider Crash to be the mascot of the Playstation. So...please bring him back in the form of CTR. I don't mind if it is a PSN game; just do it!
Hicken  +   854d ago
The game's not out yet. NONE of them are out yet. It'd be different this were a direct sequel, but it's been years since KZ3 in Shadow Fall, and you're not playing ANY of the same characters. That said, the Helghast have always been the "mascot" of Killzone, anyway; no need to know the name, as it's always been about those iconic eyes.

Yes, there's Drake, and Sackboy as well. And Cole. And Nathan Hale. And Kratos. And any number of others, such as Sweet Tooth and Sly Cooper.

Sony doesn't own Crash anymore, and expect HUGE fees for them to try and buy him back from Activision. In other words: expect Sony to nix that idea.
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MrMeToo  +   854d ago
I agree.
AceBlazer13  +   855d ago
Trust me it'll have a mascot. The public will choose their mascot.What's a PlayStation without a mascot?
Panthers  +   855d ago
Playstation has never had a mascot. Its had identifiable characters, but never one true mascot that carried from gen to gen like Mario, Sonic, or Master Chief.

Sony has a lot of different characters and I feel that its diversity is its mascot.
SquidBuck  +   855d ago
Two words, Polygon Man.
PickAShoe  +   854d ago
The mascot is you, the player.
HeyImBen11  +   855d ago
What's the Ps3 mascott?
What's the PS2 mascott?
What's the PS1 mascott?

Yeah right... there isn't one like Mario and Halo where i would say BOOM this is playstation.
Godmars290  +   855d ago
PS3: Sack Boy, Nathan Drake, Cole MacGrath, Kevin Butler.
PS2: Kratos, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X.
PS1 Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy.

Among the gaming community there are tons of titles you can name which say - BOOM - there's Playstation, but the ONLY names you can bring up outside the community among the general public is Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Halo wont register.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   855d ago
PS3 : Nathan Drake
PS2 : O, thats tough. Sora? Kratos?
PS1 : Spyro or Crash (or tomba IMO)
I seriously dont care about mascots.
Just give me great games and I'll be all good.
PickAShoe  +   854d ago
No love for old Snake? come on, he is cool. remember OctoCamo? that was awesome.
LostDjinn  +   855d ago
"Mark Cerny Explains Why PS4 Probably Won't Have A Mascot" - How is it that he hasn't worked out that he's the mascot for the PS4?

Edit: Woods for the trees thing I guess.
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Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   855d ago
Mark and Shuhei are the mascots
Omegasyde  +   855d ago
They should buy back Crash Bandicoot and have him as the mascot again IMHO. Sly could be a mascot, but he is a thief.
trouble_bubble  +   855d ago
Drake's a thief too, yet he's their MVP this gen'. Crash is a dinosaur and hasn't moved software in years
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Omegasyde  +   855d ago
Drake's more a treasure hunter than a thief..Actually he's more of a mass murderer now that I think about it.
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jivah  +   855d ago
Another Crash made by Naughty Dog tho?
I thought the first 3 were the best ones. And it lost me after that cause the switch of devs just messed things up and made things corny.. I think Crash would be awesome for the Vita tho
trouble_bubble  +   855d ago

Heh, when they do make Uncharted 4, they should finally have him being tracked by interpol or a Caremelita Fox of sorts. With a bodycount like that, plus the trail of fingerprints he's left all over the world by touching every wall he's passed by, he should be caught soon :p
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Myze  +   855d ago
I don't know about mass murderer since 99% of the kills are self-defense (so just SOME murders, he's basically a saint). I do wonder when the bad guys are gonna take the hint that Drake is virtually a god in shootouts. If they want to stop him, they should drop a missile to finish him off so they can resume their evil ways in relative peace (in comparison).
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P_Bomb  +   855d ago
Someone'll have to set him up and frame him to take him out. He was arrested and bailed out in Uncharted 2, but that was local news at best.

Nate's advantage is he does his fighting in the middle of nowhere. No one's gonna moan the loss of a few pirates and mercenaries. Heck, even us fans don't even know his real name or where he lives. Pretty good at living off the grid.

Anyways, definitely an important charachter for Sony. UC4 will be a console seller.
Tontus  +   855d ago
Drake's their MVP? Nope. Kratos is, he is significantly more popular and the GoW series is much bigger even without the mass bundling that UC has.

Crash is only a dinosaur because the IP was abandoned, if someone created a great Crash game nowadays it could be massively popular.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   855d ago
If they buy Crash bandicoot back and give the license to Naughty Dog, I will scream like a little girl that just her christmas wish.
I really want a new Crash Bandicoot game from Naughty Dog, like the classics.
I wouldn't need another game for PS4. Just Crash Bandicoot 4 .... and the last guardian .... and FF15 ... and Kingdom Hearts 3
abusador  +   855d ago
LBP, Kratos, etc..... PS already has numerous mascots and its good they all shre the spotlight as the games they are all in are awesome.
Lord_Frieza  +   855d ago
The PlayStation 4 doesn't need a mascot because the gamers are the face of PlayStation
qzp  +   855d ago
PS never needed a mascot because unlike microsoft PS never needed a game like halo to save them from existence like the original xbox
Deep-throat  +   855d ago
Just keep making great exclusives like The Last of Us and more new AAA IPs.
theXtReMe1  +   855d ago
I'm actually shocked that Sony hasn't bought Sega over the years. Sonic would be a perfect mascot for the system. That is, if they could bring the game back to its glory. I agree with Cerny to an extent, but the child in me always believes that a system should have some sort of defining figure attached to it.

I guess I agree with the post above me that Sackboy and Kratos are easily identified as highlights for any recent Sony system. It is kind of cool how they share the spotlight, not putting it on any one particular game but spreading across all of Sony's great franchises. A great marketing move, basically showing how many great AAA first party titles Sony has in their arsenal.

Guess they can now add Heavy Rain, Last Of Us and Beyond to that great list. Truthfully, Sonys first party titles are what attracted me away from the Xbox brand. Not to mention Microsoft's crappy marketing towards multimedia BS that gamers don't care about.

I can't wait to play the PS4 when it comes out, hopefully they will port a Nextgen version of Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls over. Which is rumored to be happening. That will be the icing on the cake for me.
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InTheLab  +   855d ago
They have one and his name is Drake...
PixelNinja  +   855d ago
People don't seem to understand the concept of a "mascot".

Not just characters from any franchise but key characters that can represent the entire brand of a company.
Laura Croft-Eidios
Master Chief-MS

Sony has many characters but at this stage in time I agree with Cerny, they wont have a mascot as there isn't really a character that can represent the whole PLAYSTATION brand like what Mario did for Nintendo or what Sonic did for Sega.

P.S. Alex Kidd deserved more games.
Tontus  +   855d ago
Why is Master Chief considered a mascot for M$ and not Kratos for Sony? According to Google trends Kratos is more popular than Master Chief and they're both from franchises for 16/18+ so it can't be because Kratos is a psycho from a mature rated game.
qzp  +   855d ago
they have one just look at the millions of Kaz gifs. As for me I'm a shu fan
Soldierone  +   855d ago
Have Drake from Uncharted go yell at the Microsoft building with a truck loaded with PS4's and Vita's, and Sony will have a mascot again! :P

Maybe he can even high five Crash on his way out haha
Vanfernal  +   855d ago
Wait... I thought Cerny WAS the mascot!
worldwidegaming  +   855d ago
Guess they gave up trying to compete with Nintendo in that category. Good thing! Focus on the older crowd.
BladerunnerZX  +   855d ago
A mascot ?

what is this 1996? Just put out some great AAA exclusives and people will buy the machine to play them on.

Misaka_x_Touma  +   855d ago
oh so schools, sport teams, companies and others countries doesn't have something or mascot that represents them.
Death  +   855d ago
Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin created Crash. Mark was a producer on the game. Marc is surely very talented, but Crash would still have been Crash without him.
llMurcielagoll  +   855d ago
My opinion that, Crash Bandicoot will always be Playstation's Mascot in my eyes. Because when PS1 was still new Sony stores around me had huge posters of the first Crash Bandicoot game and I grew up playing the series with friends and family watching and laughing on the way I die and I get pissed off at them and they laugh even more.

I am really upset that naughty dog let go of that IP.
TechMech2  +   855d ago
I miss Spyro
lildudexst  +   855d ago
Ps2-Jack Dexter/killzone

XboxFun  +   855d ago
This is what's missing from the current consoles.

Each company can easily have a mascot that could represent the lighter more playful side of the company.

Nintendo obviously has Mario

Sony could easily make Sackboy their official mascot.
(I actually heard it was those two cats from SF X Tekken)

And MS can easily make Conker theirs.

I think it would be great to have console mascots as it brings a much more visible identity to each brand.
Ch1d0r1  +   854d ago
PS4 mascot Indies...
SaulGoodman  +   854d ago
I Don't Care about a stupid mascot! As far as I'm concerned they could strap some arms and legs on the PS4 console itself.
devilhunterx  +   854d ago
Kratos & Nathan Drake for SCEA
Sackboy & Helghast for SCEE
Toro & Patapon for SCEJ
feraldrgn  +   854d ago
I'm glad Sony doesn't have a mascot when I think about it.
The closest to a neutral mascot you could get is probably SackBoy & SackGirl from LBP.

But when you have a mascot, it gives people an image of what your console represents.
So by having no mascot, you don't have a preconception of what to expect from the console.

It's all about variety, so you can't really pin down what the console's about imo.
joeorc  +   854d ago
if any thing would have a chance to be a playstation platform mascot AT THIS POINT, it would most likely be from a very short list.

and what i mean by that is one..choice

its now getting to be well known even toy store toy isles have these plush toys.

there is now lbp hub due out which will increase sackboy's presence further.

its like playstations ver of a muppet
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