1UP Previews The Wheelman

1UP writes: "With the Driver and Getaway franchises having seen better days, there seems to be a decent-sized gap in the game industry for a movie-style chase scene game. And while there's a fair argument that this kind of game has been replaced by less driving-specific titles like Grand Theft Auto, Midway hopes it can get that audience back with something a bit less GTA and a bit more Driver in Wheelman.

Of course, just to confuse things, they're going to let you get out of the car, but according to Midway Newcastle producer Joe Neate, that's only about 20 percent of the game, with the other 80 filled with various forms of driving -- some mission and story centric, and some available for players to track down on their own. Given that the last game from Midway's Newcastle studio was L.A. Rush, this isn't a huge surprise.

Where the game sets itself apart -- both from L.A. Rush and games like Driver -- is in a series of attacks you can perform while driving. You can shoot at other vehicles. You have special moves you can pull off such as spinning your car 180 degrees and firing at enemies behind you in slow motion. And you can melee attack with your car".

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