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EDGE: "Confession time: I am not that interested in the upcoming console war. The reason is that, when I look at what the proposed consoles are offering, I don’t see anything important to me that I cannot have already on a current-generation console."

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FamilyGuy1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

"I don’t see anything important to me that I cannot have already on a current-generation console."

I see tons of new features that aren't on current gen hardware, some not even possible.

For 1 we got the new controllers that are both upgrades from current gen.

PS4 has suspended gameplay allowing you to relaunch into games instantly, exactly where you last left off with no splash screens whatsoever.
Faster interface
Huge friends list
Playing a game before it's finished downloading
Allowing friends to take over the controls to help you in a game
Watching friends play games or streaming live gameplay yourself
Sharing photos and clips with friends
Video chatting while playing a game
Updates downloading and installing themselves in the background while you continue to play a game
Remote Play working on every game

The X1 having its snap features
advanced kinect, 1080 skype calls
all the sports an tv features

None of these are possible on the current gen systems.

I like the ideas posed in the article but those aren't possible in this upcoming gen, they are 5 years down the line type stuff. Actually, they cooould be available within 2 years time if Gaikai or some other game streaming service gets big enough. You could stream games that are using Titan level graphics to a phone and have that phone output the video via HDMI.
Having lots of power in the actual phone itself so you could play locally rendered games could be dangerous, many over-heating problems could occur. Power supply is another issue as it would surely kill your battery. All those things would take time and I'm not about to wait 5+ years just for that to happen.

DeadManIV1602d ago

Not to mention, MORE POWER!

sephiroth4201602d ago


ape0071602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

yep exactly my feeling, gfx are becoming stagnant(not now), how much better graphically can games get after the nextgen??

even the TV market is suffering from the same thing, they have problems moving 4K TVs, most consumers do not see big difference between 4K and 1080p, even if we assumed that 4K is much better, what will come after???, it will sure be much more advanced on paper and for electricity but it won't show any difference for the human eye, it's a waste of energy

yes ladies and gentlemen, interactive entertainment as we know is reaching a WALL and companies/manufacturers are p!ssed as HELL and contrary to common belief, entertainment won't die, they'll thrive. as small budget talented people will be doing great AAA stuff without much cost

ooquis1602d ago

I want supper realistic physics with next-next gen.

Magicite1602d ago

ATM physics is the weak point, there are hardly any games where things break or move as they are supposed to. Many dead bodies still act like ragdolls (look at skyrim).
So yes, thats what needs improving.

FamilyGuy1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Tv market?

You know, 3D headsets like Oculus Rift and even 3 dimensional holograms are a way to keep the tv/video market going, even after the eventual "higher than 4K video" making higher resolutions pointless for the human eye to see. Something new will come along.

Having movies recorded from all possible angles and being able to walk around holograms or watching them with a 3D headset that allows to to walk around the characters and environments so you could see it from any desired angle as if you were right there. We're far from reaching the end of entertainment innovations that still require higher level technology.

ape0071602d ago

yes everything is possible, i might be wrong

bobtheimpaler1602d ago

Its about mobile phones again.

bobtheimpaler1602d ago

Its about mobile phones again. Don't let the intro fool you.

CaulkSlap1602d ago

360/PS3 are far more dated than this guy realizes. I mean new cell phones are more powerful for christ's sake. We're long overdue for a hardware upgrade that can open up new levels of game design.

A big part of the stagnation is from the hardware limitations and extreme effort required to get more than a basic game running on thse dated consoles. I mean GTA5 is the pinnacle of what can be done with PS3/360 and that required insane amounts of effort far beyond what a smaller dev could do. I for one welcome new hardware and new possibilities.

thisismyaccount1602d ago

Another great /doh moment in human history.

> 360/PS3 are far more dated than this guy realizes. I mean new cell phones are more powerful for christ's sake. < according to CaulkSlap

Holy moly....