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Submitted by MajorAly 861d ago | news

Killzone: Shadow Fall dev on DualShock 4: “We really pushed them to make better triggers that go up"

Killzone: Shadowfall is the next-gen title available exclusively and will be released alongside PlayStation 4. Developed by Guerilla Games, a Sony owned studio, Guerilla Games made a name for themselves when they released Killzone way back on to the PlayStation 2. Dubbed by many as the Halo killer, the original Killzone fell short of many things and was felt as a rushed title. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Sony)

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GarrusVakarian  +   861d ago
Im glad Sony decided to make the triggers curved upwards. One of my main gripes with the DS3.
shivvy24  +   861d ago
Yep I remember when I first picked up the controller, was kinda put off with the curve ,, sorry accidently downvoted
Mad Aizen  +   861d ago
guerrilla gods.
3-4-5  +   861d ago
I can't stand all other Playstation controllers.

I really want a PS4 though, so I'm hoping the DS4 is changed up enough to be fun to use.
The Great Melon  +   861d ago
That was my only real complaint for the DualShock 3. Thankfully those cheap $2 trigger attachments do wonders for the controller. Never had any issues since I attached them.

Now that I think about, I wonder why Sony never altered the triggers in the middle of the lifecycle? I wouldn't think changing one part in manufacturing would hurt them considering many would go out just to by the more trigger friendly controller.
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_FantasmA_  +   858d ago
I used to use those attachments too. Then one day they fell off. And I they wouldn't stay on anymore. They just kept falling off when I'd react and shoot quickly. Now I realize I don't actually need the triggers. I think the DS3 is fine the way it is. I just think people aren't used to it at first, but once my added triggers became useless I came to accept the DS3 as it is. I love the DS3 and I just hope the DS4 continues the tradition of Sony having the most comfortable and versatile controller. Nov 15 hurry up already.
MazzingerZ  +   861d ago
People complain about the triggers but the truth is that after the first year or so devs realised what worked better with the DS3 design was R1 and L1 for shooting mechanics, only a few games during the last couple of years force you to use the R2 button to shoot

It always made me wonder if those devs even bothered playing their own game on the PS3 or just ported it and done? I'm mean as a proffesional you should always try to find the best button layout in each least give the possibility of remapping the buttons

Only with those games that forced you to use R2/L2 I experienced problems otherwise I enjoyed without any problems the rest of the shooters I played on PS3.

Ps. I'm starting to refer to the PS3 in past tense:) after Beyond:Two Souls not sure if I will buy more stuff for PS3, PS4 will take over.
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DigitalRaptor  +   860d ago
Honestly? I really wish they'd give us the choice to map our own buttons.

I completely agree about the L1 and R1. If all games from now on used those 2 buttons for shooting, I'd be happy. But I think a choice is in order.
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skydragoonity  +   861d ago
Exactly.. The 360 controller had an edge over the DS3 because of this, glad its been taking care of.. Now bring it on killzone shadow fall!
MizTv  +   861d ago
Sorry but the d pad sucks so bad
Il takes shitty triggers over that any day of the week
MazzingerZ  +   861d ago
Yeah, more bad memories about the 360 d-pad that the DS3 triggers(read my post above regarding DS3)

I recall playing Oblivion and wasting spells and running like crazy backwards trying to get the d-pad to choose what I needed just then:S

Otherwise nice controller
_FantasmA_  +   858d ago
Am I the only one that likes the DS3 triggers? L1 and R1 are the best triggers evar! Oh you mean R2 and L2? There were hardly any games that used that setup, so I never had any complaints. I always felt that L1 to aim and R1 or X to shoot should be the default setup for every game ever since I played RE4 back in 2005.
abusador  +   861d ago
Killzone will be the first game to go "Deep Down" on my ps4!!!!
hazardman  +   861d ago
Que abusador!!
abusador  +   861d ago
No lo de GG son abusadores!!!!!
_FantasmA_  +   858d ago
When you guys are all done, we can smoke cigarettes in my Ferrari because I just started a Drive Club.
abusador  +   858d ago
Pm me and ill add you because ill definitely be playing DC alot.
SpitFireAce85  +   861d ago
Good to hear i have KZ:Shadowfall pre-ordered can't
wait Nov 15th come on...
Fact101  +   861d ago
Great upgrade from the DS3.
MajorAly  +   861d ago
The fact that I'm seeing a lot of disagreements on the positive feedback from the people here about GG and DS4 makes me wonder why and who...

I cannot myself wait for November 15th myself, if only tomorrow somehow magically the day fast forwards to November 15th.
Irishguy95  +   861d ago
Because of all the ps fanboys that used to defend DS3's ridiculous triggers. They were one of the weirdest design choices i've ever seen. To make them like car pedals:

"We'll have them curved like this, so they can be uncomfortable and slippy, lets make them super sensitive too so they'll go off when they touch your leg"

Really? Ironically the 360 triggers was better for racers anyway.

No Aly, they are just good in general. Why would the triggers be better for only shooters than DS3? It's simple, the triggers are better for gaming in general.
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MajorAly  +   861d ago
You mean for shooters right? I've heard a lot that the 360 gamepad was great for shooters/FPSes, haven't heard about racing games.
hazardman  +   861d ago

the xbox 360 is a great all around pad. The only gripe on it was the dpad for fighters. Which was actually good for racing games the way dpad moved around IMO.

I didn't mind the DS3, but it seems with the overhaul that DS4 is looking to impress for all genres.
shadow2797  +   861d ago
Besides the D-Pad, my only other complaint with the 360 controller is the bumper buttons. They seem too high to me. I like to have my index fingers on the triggers, and it's awkward to shift to the bumpers from this position.

Most of the time when I need to press them, for speed, I end up just pushing the very outside of the button with the middle of my finger. I hope their placement is better on the Xbox One, but probably not since it's not a common complaint that I see.

Never had that issue on a PS controller, but the DS3 had more than it's fair shair of issues. Obviously the convex sticks and triggers, but also the loose-ness of the sticks. Luckily it seems the DS4 has addressed all the complaints I've ever had of the PS pads. I've never had any trouble with either stick placement, and I actually like using the D-pad to navigate menus better than a joystick, so it's convenient to have it up higher.
Irishguy95  +   861d ago
Yeah I agree I don't like the bumper buttons on the 360 pad, and everyone knows the dpad sucked...

I think the ps4 controller will be the best controller yet though.
MajorAly  +   861d ago

I know but recent hands on with the Xbox One controller by people who checked it out have also told that the D-pad issue is still there, it's pretty sunken in.
hazardman  +   861d ago
Damn that sucks. I didnt hear or read some much about dpad. But read somewhere about having a rough time after long gameplay sessions do to analog sticks.

Either way the best way to judge these is when we ourselves get the hands on with them. Nov 15/22 cant come soon enough!!
AceBlazer13  +   861d ago
Never really had a problem with the triggers in the first place though but at least the analog sticks are the same I'd have to go to pc gaming if they ever adopt that retarded stick layout?Seriously my hands are symmetrical for a reason.
Destrania  +   861d ago
Sony's made all the right moves. November 15th can't come soon enough.
Roper316  +   861d ago
did anyone else ever use the Real Triggers for their DS3's? They totally eliminate the problem of the L2 & R2 buttons or at least for me they did.
kingPoS  +   861d ago
I'll still be using L1 & R1 anyway - if they allow custom settings that is. lol

More option are better!

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