UK retailer forcing people to upgrade PS4 pre-orders to get a unit at launch

A UK retailer is forcing customers to upgrade their PS 4 pre order in order to get one at launch

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Neonridr1750d ago

Ouch, 500 pounds? Yikes that's getting expensive. PS3 pricing all over again.

Lalanana1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Forcing them? That's kind of messed up lol..

What if i didn't have the money for the bundle package? :-/

Neonridr1750d ago

Totally agree, you'd be screwed if you didn't have the extra cash to upgrade. Almost seems like they are "forcing" you to do this so they can make more money.

I also love how I am getting disagrees on my original comment for making a truthful statement. Oh N4G users, you never seem to amaze me...

nukeitall1750d ago

That is a switch and bait, and I believe UK laws has something against that.

Usually if you screw up, you admit it, then you offer a compensation, not an upsale with almost zero benefits to the consumer!!!

Not cool, and I hope this story picks up steam.

Gamingcapacity1750d ago

They know there is a demand and using it to get extra money.

It's wrong but I'm not sure what the laws are on this. You can still stick a lower bundle but you might not get it at launch. Is there a law on prioritisng the bundles first because that is what they will claim to be doing. Even though it's clearly to milk the gamers.

inveni01750d ago

Yeah, this is a bait and switch. I don't know about the UK, but the US definitely has laws against it.

Ezz20131750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )


you are getting disagrees because "PS3 pricing all over again"
which has nothing to do with sony
it just a UK retailer who is forcing people to buy not official bundles ...which is wrong
sony won't get any thing from this

unless you are talking about xbox1 which indeed have the same price as ps3
Yikes, i know

andrewsqual1750d ago

The most expensive "Sony Bundle" is the Killzone Mega bundle at 500 EUROS not sterling. Misleading article. If it isn't the one at €500 then it ISN'T a Sony bundle but the retailer forcing their own greed on customers with nobody making them do so. And only 50% of any retailers PS4 stock will be the Killzone, Killzone Mega and Watchdogs bundles, so it isn't EVERYBODY who has to do it. This whole article is a misleading mess.

ohiostatesman1750d ago

Pretty shady of Sony to do. I thought Sony was all about consumer choice. BS.

devwan1749d ago

@ohiostatesman The only "BS" here is you suggesting this has anything to do with Sony.

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majiebeast1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Base model is still 399 the package of 499 includes killzone sf,camera and another DS4 which is in no way a bad deal.

Also these bundles that they are offering are not official bundles by Sony.

The official bundle is 420 pounds and is the much better deal, these guys are obviously trying to scam people because of demand for the ps4. Im not even going into the whole pound vs euros vs dollars debate you just cant compare the difference of prices per region.

Neonridr1750d ago

Yes but we are talking about UK pricing here. Not NA. 500 pounds is over 650-700 dollars here in the US.

joeorc1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )


"Yes but we are talking about UK pricing here. Not NA. 500 pounds is over 650-700 dollars here in the US."

which is the point, this is not Sony doing it, its demand for units, and the cost spike by the vat TAX, and to top it off the company is taking advantage of the situation to make more money off of the deal. Hot demanded Items almost always have this effect, its not really forcing due to people can say No! but would they, is another Q: that many are saying Self control is sadly one thing many gamer's do not have when it comes to having the most upto date Fancy new hardware.

Me included, LMAO my wife just shakes her head every time we go to best buy or another electronics store..its like a kid looking in the window of a candy store. and mom dragging you away from it.

"Ouch, 500 pounds? Yikes that's getting expensive. PS3 pricing all over again."

just think the xboxone is already in that price range already also:


The price of a new Xbox One in the UK is £429 which is £80 more than its Sony rival, the PS4. Although it's more expensive, your money will get you an Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, commemorative controller, exclusive achievement, HDMI Cable.

Read more:

Here was the UK. retailer they link to for bundles

This Playstation 4 Bundle Contains:Playstation 4 Console Playstation 4 Dual Shock Controller x 2 Watch Dogs GameDual Charging Cable for use with Playstation 4 ControllersIntroducing the Sony PlayStation 4.

sprinterboy1750d ago

The ps4, kzone bundle with camera and extra controllers is £449 not £499, I know cause I got it

PsylentKiller1750d ago


My fiancée did the same thing. But now, when we go out with our nephew, she just gives me the kid and goes to the stores she needs to go to and she will meet us back where she left us.

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HiddenMission1750d ago

I see why you are getting disagrees...your comment comes off like you are implying that Sony has something to do with it when this is all the retailers fault.

By saying it's the PS3 pricing all over again which was a Sony decision makes it feel like you are throwing the blame for this issue on Sony when they haven nothing to do with it because if they did then every retailer would be doing this and not just one.

Do you see what I'm saying...simple clarification of a statement keeps you from getting disagrees and it will prevent a landslide of ignorant comments that can follow.

Neonridr1750d ago

yep, but who are we kidding, this is N4G, the land of misinterpretation. I agree I should have clarified, I just meant that when you start getting up into the 600-700 dollar range you are leaving what I would consider sensible prices for a home console.

Goku7811750d ago

That is not cool if that is the case.

DRambo1750d ago

They are charging £415 for a console, additional DS4 and a charging cable. They are effectively pricing a charging cable at about £15+. What a joke.

Mister_G1750d ago

It's not happened for me. have allowed me to swap to a killzone bundle, but it wasn't mandatory.

ch3ng1750d ago

Lucky I didnt order with these slags!

I pre ordered my ps4 + killzone + ps+ from shoptop on the 16th of September and was contacted by them saying I will get it on launch day :D

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