Sony President Yoshida Has Two Wii U Consoles

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide studios, has told fans on Twitter that he has two Wii U consoles. Yoshida says that he has a Japanese model and an American model. Yoshida has made it clear in the past that he is a fan of Nintendo, so no doubt he had to own Nintendo’s latest home console.

I have 2 Wii Us. J and US models

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Moncole1815d ago

Fun fact. You can buy anything you want, you dont need to limit it to the company you work at.

Garrison1815d ago

Well said. Only fools would think that game company people care even half as much about stupid console wars like fanboys do.

The Wii U this holiday season with Zelda and 32gb is a steal and I'd love to get one. Hopefully I will, that Mario 3d game that is coming up looks super fun.

Concertoine1815d ago

Definitely get the zelda one, that zelda 3ds goes for like 400 bucks in box after a year of being OOP

Misaka_x_Touma1815d ago

then get an external hard drive. You at least have one.

3-4-51815d ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of people at Sony & Nintendo support each other.

This isn't 1996 or something.

For the most part, Sony & Nintendo are cool with each other.

They are kind of each doing their own thing.

Misaka_x_Touma1815d ago

unless it Jack Tretton. You know he talk a lot of crap about Nintendo handhelds.

prodg521815d ago

Unless you're Reggie Fils-Aime. He talks a lot of crap about Sony handhelds.

PopRocks3591815d ago

@Mikasa and prodg

Shut up.

stragomccloud1815d ago

And we all know that Aonuma was playing Skyrim. So, yeah~ Good to see people that are faces of other companies not afraid to show their respect for one another.

Misaka_x_Touma1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

he only played it because the name Skyward and Skyrim has nothing to do with interest

Ketzicorn1815d ago

Yeah he already said this week's ago in a podcast.

LOL_WUT1815d ago

I don't think he's ever on it ;)

I'm following him and even sent him a friend request. ;)

bigchad1815d ago

Ha ha, me too. :) Yeah, he made 3 posts when he first got it, and that was about it.

rinslowe1815d ago

I think his angle may have been needing two models to enjoy the console, whereas PS4 is region free. Reading between the lines...
Could be way off though?

Dravidian1815d ago

Yeah....I think you're reading waaaay too into things. Sony has been very open with it's dismissal of the Xbone so why be so subtle with the Wii U?

gpturbo811815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

clearly even he sees nintendo being more of a competitor than macrogreed.


Or it could just be the fact he's japanese

torchic1815d ago

LOL very very off

how did you even think that? na man you're way off...

lol "reading between the lines" seems to be in vogue on this site. I was watching Xbox fans "reading between the lines" in another article, saying the 10% of GPU dedicated to apps and OS functions actually ment this 10% was already accounted for, meaning GPU was 10% more powerful and so no affect to 1.31TF theoretical LOL that was a fantastic thread

Dark111815d ago

I like Yoshida. he is a good guy.

abusador1815d ago

Wow, definitely respect for mentioning it. If your a gamer no matter a ceo, cfo, or whatever in any corporation im sure you have several consoles from competing companies, not only to enjoy games but also to compare and contrast, also they all get ideas from competitor games and hardware. Hes a baller he can splurge on any systems and not feel it.

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