Players Continue To Rage Over Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar released the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online today (for the PlayStation 3 at least) but players continue to rage over a variety of ongoing problems. The game has been unstable since its original launch earlier this week with Grand Theft Auto Online being completely inaccessible to a large portion of GTA fans. Since that time Rockstar have released a number of updates aimed at improving connection and congestion problems, although there are many other problems plaguing players that are now able to log in.

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steve30x1749d ago

Yet PC gamers arent RAGING because they dont have the game yet.

Eiffel1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Why would we? Come the PC release we won't have to put up with the BS that console players are having. At this rate all we can say is "Thanks for beta testing for us. Your woes didn't go to waste."

HammadTheBeast1749d ago

Yeah, but you guys are missing out. It's pretty awesome.

That's like saying "Thanks for beta testing Minecraft".

Eiffel1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Can't miss out on what's going to be an inevitability. All I'm missing out on is playing the game at a lower quality for the same price later on with at this present time all the bells and whistles of a dysfunctional online. Doesn't sound too enticing.

MysticStrummer1749d ago

It's ok, but I wouldn't say it's awesome or that you're missing out. Sitting in a lobby waiting for a mission to start, more often than not I hear people complaining about how boring it is. I'm know they'll be adding more content, and leveling up makes more mission types available, but so far it's nothing incredible in my opinion. The best things about GTA are always the city, the characters in it, and the satire of american culture. All those things are watered down in the multiplayer.

KonsoruMasuta1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

That's basically what I'm saying with Diablo 3. "Thanks for beta testing for us. Your woes didn't go to waste"

joe901748d ago

Eiffel. LOL, Bubble for you good sir.

Couldn't of put it any better.

TheSaint1748d ago

Why are most PC players elitist douches?

steve30x1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

@ Jiminip : The PC eliteists arent the ones raging and throwing $417 fits over this game. They are waiting patiently.

Oh and after I started GTA Online yesterday I lost my single player game save but I had it backed up on my pendrive

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joe901748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Very smart of R* to release the single player first to get them 10/10 scores in. Obviously knowing the online was broke and not wanting to tarnish the review scores.

Companies should be made to review the game again as no other game would get away with this kind of thing.

gaelic_laoch1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

This fiasco has gone beyond reasonable at this stage! Gaming time is precious to many of us and wasting it on trying to get online on GTAV in this day and age is unacceptable!

HammadTheBeast1749d ago

I'm more pissed off about the characters being deleted. Even though I'm on the R* cloud, it deletes my character at random times.

Shadonic1748d ago

I lost my character right before the update for the 360 came out like literally hours before it came and now even with the update its gone.

feels bad man, at least i still have 300,000

MysticStrummer1749d ago

If you sit there trying to get on over and over, that's your own fault. Try once, then go do something else. If you make the decision to sit there and keep trying, the wasted time is on you.

Raccoon1748d ago

If you quit after one try, youll never get to play. Im glad ive played 85% more than trying to get online...

MarcoGT1749d ago

It's all good for me now have played many hours yesterday and today with no problems

FunAndGun1749d ago

But the game got perfect scores!! What are you all complaining about. /s

KonsoruMasuta1748d ago

Those reviews were for the single player portion of the game. A lot of reviewers are reviewing the portions separately.

FunAndGun1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Here is IGN's review. It says "GTA 5 review". It doesn't say GTA 5 single player review. No mention of that in the review.

Here is Gamespot's review. It says "GTA 5 review". It doesn't say GTA 5 single player review. No mention of that in the review or video.

The Metacritic has already been tallied. That 97/100 doesn't say for the single player, it says "GTA 5 Metacritic score 97/100".

There is a complete double standard here and it is complete BS. Other games release with a working SP and MP, but they are deducted points and picked apart.

Take Starhawk as an example. A lot of people complained there was no SP in Warhawk. They tried to add a SP in Starhawk to a mainly multiplayer game and the reviewers knocked off points because the SP wasn't good enough.

Now here we have GTA 5 that doesn't even ship with a working MP and it gets perfect scores before the MP can even be played. Those scores are already out to the public and aggregated before the MP portion is released.

Come on, people are just so far up R* and GTA's butt that it doesn't matter to be fair in reviews.

I am not saying GTA 5 is bad at all, I am just pointing out a double standard in the review process when it comes to certain developers and games.

People can disagree all they want because they feel GTA is the holy grail of gaming, but what I pointed out is the absolute truth.

fattyuk1748d ago

What a boring and over the top reply funandgun.

You've really gone out of your way to prove your pointless point.

Well done.

FunAndGun1748d ago

@ fattyuk

And yet, I am not wrong.

well done.

KonsoruMasuta1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Go back to the reviews. Notice that they only talk about the single player portion. They reviewed the game when it was released.

They don't have to say "single player review".

If you actually looked it up, you would notice that IGN has a seperate review for GTA online.

You are from from right.

FunAndGun1748d ago

And what about all the scores already aggregated?

SuperBlur1749d ago

When you have to sit through a what seem to be an ever ending loading screen just to get in SP + x amount of time it took you to create your online character with the awful parenting system + sitting through the unskippable tutorial movie + lamar video + getting kicked out of mp at the first mission + realising that your character has somehow vanished into tin air and you have to repeat all over again.

I can understand the frustration among the people affected (i have been lucky so far,not so much for my friend though)

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