Help Treasure Bring Ikaruga to Steam via Greenlight

Twinfinite reports-- "A listing for the fan favorite shmup, Ikaruga, has just turned up on Steam Greenlight from Treasure itself and they’re looking for the go-ahead from the community to bring what appears to be the HD version from XBLA to Steam, marking the game’s PC debut.

Listed on the Greenlight page are many features that were found in the 360 version, including the ability to play on a vertical screen, local two-player co-op, and even controlling two ships on one controller (for you subterranean chameleon folk out there)."

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Godmars2901696d ago

How is this game literally on everything else except the PS3/PSV?

Software_Lover1696d ago

They need to make a 3D version of this game. One of the best 3D games I have played is 3D infinity on the Xbox 360. It's just a watered down version of a game like Ikaruga, which I also have on 360.

If they can get Ikaruga on steam, and in 3D it would be great, for me anyway. I play Crysis 3 in 3D from time to time but it's nothing special.

GodGinrai1696d ago

I have ALL the treasure games! ;)

But yes, I hope this comes to steam. I green lit it it too.

capitanandi1696d ago

Oooh, I'd love to get this on Steam. Maybe on the 3DS eShop too. There's Kokuga on there, but Ikaruga would be great too.

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