Rocksmith 2014 Edition’s Colorblind Mode Provides Visual Clues

Ubisoft San Francisco's upcoming music video game, Rocksmith 2014 Edition is heading closer to its eventual release in October. The studio has added newer features and improvements for its 2014 Edition

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ArchangelMike1810d ago

I've pre-ordered the Epiphone Les Paul Junior Edition. I can't wait. This Gen is going out Rockin'...

Godlovesgamers1810d ago

As a guitar instructor for many years I would strongly advise against buying the Epiphone Les Paul Junior Edition if it's going to be your first guitar.

The reason being that each guitar is different, no two sound the same. What I would suggest is going to guitar center or a local guitar shop and trying out as many different guitars to find out which one suits you the best, feels the most comfortable to play, sounds the way you want.

If you're just jumping in blind to guitar playing, you might find yourself frustrated with your guitar if its not something that you absolutely love to play. I highly recommend the LTD Eclipse line as they very well crafted, feature the seymour duncan pickups you'd use to replace the official Gibson Les Paul pickups, the necks are PERFECT which make them extremely easy to play.




ArchangelMike1810d ago

Thanks man, I'd class myself as an intermediate guitarist, and own Fender Strat, and a PRS Santana. I really just fancied the bundle, it seemed a good deal to me for the price.

Rockefellow1809d ago

You're a guitar instructor, and you're suggesting a beginner purchase guitars such as those? And you're telling someone to go to a store and try out a guitar to find out what plays well and sounds good, even though they will reasonably have no idea what they're actually looking for for months of playing, if not more.

I realize that most "beginner" guitars are complete trash, and this pack-in Les Paul Junior is likely pulled from the bottom-tier of the Epiphone lineup, but something seems odd about your recommendation. I've been playing guitar for most of my life, and I can't even begin to imagine why someone would recommend those specific guitars for no real reason besides some that can be applied to ANY instrument, by your own admission (what, specifically, you feel is good to play-- not what someone tells you).

Sorry for the rant, but this is just a bit disheartening. I've seen kids learn on cheap Ibanez strat knockoffs far more than others on beautiful vintage guitars I'd die to own. You "recommending" such instruments just ruins what your intention really is, don't you think?

Godlovesgamers1802d ago


I couldn't disagree with you more and your lack of experience is more than apparent.

A lot of students of mine knew the sound and style they wanted to pursue before they even bought their first guitar, as well as myself included. In fact, it was sound and music style that first hooked me when I realized that I wanted to play. My first guitar is still my favorite and the only one I play, so that should tell you something.

As far as my instrument recommendation that you feel so defiant about, it's a model that I have personal experience with, it's in the lower/middle range of price and is unbelievably easy to play, which is what you want when you first start. The last thing you want is a guitar you have to fight to play, impedes your progression and ultimately may even discourage you from playing that instrument altogether. You want something that is as easy to play as possible and something that feels very comfortable to your fretting hand. That particular guitar's feel and neck are nearly impeccable which most any musician I know who has played it will tell you.

If you think that $600-$700 is too much for a first guitar then chances are that you've never played a high end priced guitar, $3000-$3500 and actually know the difference in what you're getting for the price. My recommendation is definitely not a "vintage" priced guitar. It's lower mid price range with an amazing easy neck and great electronics/pickups.

No go take a chill pill.