Here's What Has Been Cut for the Beyond: Two Souls PEGI Release

Clickonline writes: "It seems these changes originated from the cuts made for a German release and have been adopted throughout Europe. PlayStation say they wanted ‘to make the game available to as many people as possible, hence applying for a PEGI 16 rating’ and that these changes were ‘VERY minimal.’"

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Hellsvacancy1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

F-you Germany, you screwed The Last Of Us aswel for the rest of the EU, our multiplayer had to be edited all because of YOUR laws

If your German don't take it personally, you don't decide your laws I know that

Benjammin251778d ago

I don't know why the Germans are worried about their people becoming violent from playing video games. The Germans are naturally friendly people. ;)

Stsonic1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Germans are a great nation with great history and great ecenomics.

ArchangelMike1778d ago

Benjamin, I guess that's why there ratings system are so strict, so the German people remain very friendly. I'm not too bothered anyway by the cuts, Beyond will still be a great piece of interactive entertainment.

-Foxtrot1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The UK needs to be cut from the bloody Europe union, I am honestly sick to death of this happening.

If Germany wants to cut stuff fine but don't bloody take everyone else down with you. For goodness sake Sony just cut the German release, is it that hard

I hated what they did to the online in the Last of Us, it's such a small thing but it means when you finally kill that guy who has been bugging you all match you don't feel as relieved as watching your character blow their head off.

minimur121778d ago

I got my TLOU imported (special edition w/ artbook and full sized comic - A4 not A5 lol) so I can see the dismemberment. it's pretty gruesome so I don't really see why anyone would want it. but then again - realism is key for TLOU and I understand why people would want the full package, I'm pretty annoyed about Beyond being cut, I'm going to see what it is online when it's released to ease my pain haha

stonecold31778d ago

I hope it dosent effect the Australian version thought since we have the 18+ in now

snipab8t1778d ago

It said PAL versions of the game so Australians will probably get censored version as we use PAL. I may be mistaken though.

kassler1778d ago

It sucks that the rest of europe have to suffer because of Germany's censorship laws. The publisher/developer don't think it's important enough to spend money to make different versions.

Ratty1778d ago

That sucks. But since PS3 games are region-free, and Beyond: Two Souls doesn't have a multiplayer anyways, couldn't you just import an NA version?

Benjammin251778d ago

That version is cut too. Totally ridiculous.

Ratty1778d ago

I just read about that. What the hell! Is there any version out there that won't be censored?

dumahim1778d ago

If they're cutting nudity, are they trying to aim for a Teen rating? It seems the game would be going with an M rating even without it. Why not just cut anything offensive and make it E.

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