An Open Letter to Rockstar Games

BT writes:

Dear Rockstar Games,

I respectfully request my money back. Simply put, I am disappointed with your product, Grand Theft Auto V.

Don’t get me wrong, the game has great moments in it. Anything that is able to achieve over $1 billion in sales in three days has to be worth some amount of time put into it. The more I sit through the game, however, the more I feel like it is a real missed opportunity in almost every way. Nowhere is this more evident than in the failed launch of Grand Theft Auto Online. Never mind that the game was shipped without that content being accessible. That alone should have been a cause for concern, whether or not we were warned ahead of time.

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hellzsupernova1816d ago

Agreed. This is foolish honestly gta v is the best grand theft auto to date IMO. Yes the online sucks at the moment and you have to get into a crew to fully explore it as the random people tend to kill on site which is annoying, but hey that's what happens when you put a bunch of mostly young adults into an open world with other players and guns

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1814d ago

I agree with both of you! The game is great , i wish i had money to buy it but i have played it in a friends house and it was worth more money. Rockstar did more than a great job! I cant wait what is their next project:)

yeahokchief1816d ago

he's a click whore just trying to drive some people to his site or a really good troll.

the singleplayer alone was worth more than the admission price.

Schizoid1817d ago

Sounds like a spoiled kid.

TwistingWords1817d ago

"Never mind that the game was shipped without that content being accessible. That alone should have been a cause for concern, whether or not we were warned ahead of time."

Evidently it wasn't enough of a concern to stop you buying the game at release.

Rockstar said from the get go that, SP first MP later, they also stated on numerous occasions that expect teething problems.

Bottom line is that you knowingly bought a game which was void of a feature you wanted.

I doubt you made an "open letter" about Rockstar and their possible "false advertisement" before the game was released and the news came about that MP was to come at a later date, I'm sure such concerns would have warranted such an article no?

ziggurcat1816d ago

story quality is WTF? and i don't like this website.

Hufandpuf1816d ago

"If developers like Gearbox, Treyarch, or DICE can offer their own online experience without problems, then why can’t you?"

As a Battlefield fan, I can attest that every launch game since BFBC2 has had a terrible online connection during the first 3 days.

And on the subject of gta5. Why even buy the game when you knew that online multiplayer was going to be released two weeks afterward. And how could you not expect it to run into issues when it is the single highest grossing video game in history?

It took me three days to connect to online, yet instead of complaint about something I couldn't control, I just either played the single player or put in another game.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1814d ago

He is to stupid to undestand this. I hate guys like him cause rockstar did their best to give us that game and he just complains about some issues. All games the first weeks have issues. If he wants he can fix them himself.

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The story is too old to be commented.