The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD & New Wii U Bundle Now Available

To celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD today, Nintendo is launching a limited edition The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD themed Wii U bundle. Also available from today is a highly sought after The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD limited edition bundle including a detailed Ganondorf figurine.

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Neonridr1775d ago

So happy that Gamestop was able to allow more to be sold. I missed out on the initial preorder for the Collector's Edition game, however I was able to snag one when they opened it up for the 2nd round. Should be delivered today.

mathsman1774d ago

I really want the Collector's Edition but can't justify it when I've still got the GC original and a GC hooked up to my TV!

Yi-Long1774d ago

Would have been interested in a WiiU-Zelda WW Bundle, but in their infinite wisdom, Nintendo decided to bundle the WiiU with a download-code instead of an actual copy of the game....

... so no. :(

rCrysis1774d ago

I think it's worth it. $300 is the same as buying a WiiU alone. I would prefer the physical copy but I'd be saving a good $50 with the bundle.

InTheZoneAC1773d ago

I prefer my games to be download so that was nice to see of the bundle...

Yi-Long1773d ago

1: HDD space for the WiiU is limited.
2: Download-only means no potential re-sell value.
3: Can't borrow the game to a friend.

George Sears1774d ago

Bought the game yesterday. I have never played the game before so everything is new to me.

So far, the game is just breathtaking. I'm at awe in how amazing this game is. This and Okami have been by far my most favorite HD 'remasters'.

thezeldadoth1774d ago

playing WW HD has been the most fun in gaming i've had all year

mcstorm1773d ago

I agree I have never played windwaker before and I am loving this game too. Really enjoying my Wiiu at the moment and with the next batch of games on the way ill enjoy it even more.

Summons751773d ago

Argh. This, Beyond, and pokemon my payhecks are feeling like they got a major vain cut.

catch1773d ago

This time of year is dangerous for gamers! I try to stock up the rest of the year and ride it out like nuclear winter until the fall games come down in price. Spoiler alert: It never works and I am buying this game anyways. One of the best games of all time made better. You can't lose.