GTA Online Xbox 360 and PS3 Temporary Fix Surfaces

"We have uncovered a fix that can work to allow you to play through Grand Theft Auto Online for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 now."

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The_Truth_24_71782d ago

Reviews for the online portion should be no higher than an 5/10. Unacceptable.

Septic1782d ago

I think we can give it the benefit of the doubt. There are silly numbers of people trying to sign in at once and yes, it is frustrating; I tried for 2 hours last night to get on...kept getting stuck on the tutorial.

But the day before that, the game oddly skipped that and dropped me on top of Vinewood hills. I got a chance to play and it was brilliant.

So I think online reviews shouldn't necessarily be damming.

pompombrum1782d ago

I think stuff like server instability and the odd mission glitch should be expected however some of the problems with GTA Online imho are unacceptable. I myself bought an apartment for 205k and soon as I left my current server it didn't even register the apartment as owned. Same thing happened to my friend with him buying a car from the website.

That's 20+ hours of hard work and without the money back either. It's hard to give them the benefit of the doubt when it clearly wasn't ready for release. They should have released an open beta for the first few weeks.

Septic1782d ago


Fair enough- I didn't realise people had made it that far into the game and that it was deleting people's progress.

Saints941782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

My friend spent hours earning 200k, bought a house, and then lost it. I bought the most expensive one myself and I'm hoping it'll still be there when I come back in two hours.

malokevi1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

An open beta? Isn't that essentially what they're doing now?

Be thankful you've been able to play. I've been trying to no avail. Obviously there are issues... you'd have to be stupid to sink 200 grand into ANYTHING at this point, with known issues so prevalent. Even single player is having issues... this is probably the biggest and most complex game ever developed. It's not like they are releasing an 8-bit Mario game... so stop pretending like that's the case.

The reviews for the online portion should be done once all the issues are ironed out. R* warned us it might take a few weeks... and of course the day after release people on N4G are complaining like children (as they typically tend to do).

thechosenone1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Oh wow I tried to update to the latest patch and it froze my PS3 in a black screen, I had to unplug the power to get it to work again. What the f_ck RS!!

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HammadTheBeast1782d ago


That's not judging the content. The content is great. But the way there is BS.

Raccoon1782d ago

Finally downloading on ps3, hope i dont lose my rank 17 progress

JKelloggs1782d ago

The new patch is out now for PS3 anyway

SynestheticRoar1782d ago

About time certain people were going into DTs.

Deeloc1782d ago

F**k that.i'll wait a few more weeks for a good patch.

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