Best Xbox One & PS4 games we played at Eurogamer - The LAD Bible

The LAD Bible has already played on both the Xbox One and PS4. You should be jealous. There were a number of games available during our time at Eurogamer Expo in London and these were the best.

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WeAreLegion1781d ago

Good preview. I was hoping for a Dead Rising 3 or Driveclub preview, but I can wait. :)

FamilyGuy1781d ago

This list was weak, it seems more like it should've been titled "The only games we played (and a couple we didn't but got to watch)."

Killzone being great was expected.

wiz71911780d ago

I just played it today and it's awesome !

theXtReMe11781d ago

Good to hear about Killzone. i cant wait to play it!

level 3601781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Over at EB Expo here in Oz my only disappointment was the fact over at the Sony booth, the new playable PS4 has a very long queue ( same with GT6 ).. got bored waiting.

While at MS/Microsoft the new XBox ONE is so easy to get in line and have a go. Tons of XBox ONE playable console for everyone.

Have to say in all honesty the new XBox ONE control pad fits like a glove. It doesn't feel at all very different from the 360. Got to play and re-play Forza 5 for a lot of times and the graphics with all *respect is as comparable to GT5( ! - roll out the disagrees.. once the console/game is out for everyone you'll see what I mean. ) and plays not much different from Forza 4( ! ).

They also had a playable Kinect Sports Rival demo which was ok.

FamilyGuy1781d ago

So the lines were so long you didn't play any PS4 games? That'd be a bummer :/

Even a game you weren't all that interested in but had the shortest line so you could compare controllers would've been cool.

GT5 is far from a bad looking game so I guess all you're saying is that Forza 5 didn't look blatantly next gen to you?

level 3601781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Went there really to see and try both PS4 and XBox ONE, problem was at Sony, the PS4 had a sole built-in only upstair booth and you still had to register ( for free, but still a hassle ). There was an enclosed PS4 console downstairs for viewing.

At MS/XBox ONE booth the consoles ( a lot! ) were all easily and readily available for everyone passing by. Really very easy to get on and play.

_FantasmA_1781d ago

Maybe because no one wanted to play the VCRs?? and thats why you were able to play them without any problems yea?