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Transistor Interview: 1080p and 60 FPS, No Xbox One Version, PS4 and PC Differences and More

GB: "Arguably one of the bigger indie titles to arrive on the PlayStation 4 first, Transistor is Supergiant Games' second outing since Bastion. There's been a lot of talk about Sony's indie gaming stance, especially considering Shuhei Yoshida's statements that indie titles could help fill the gaps between big releases. However, for Supergiant Games, Transistor is the product of disjointed ideas forming a cohesive whole with plenty of surprises yet to be revealed to gamers.

"We spoke to creative director Greg Kasavin about the game including the move to a more a turn-based strategy format, the studio's relationship with Sony and how PC compares to the PlayStation 4." (PC, PS4, Transistor)

Kingthrash360  +   598d ago
awsome game...no x1 version? oh.....no....now the x1 fanboys will say "its a indie so it doesnt count" like they say about resogun...smh. funny how people down play a indie game, even though some are greater than AAA games.
nick309  +   598d ago
Boring indie games. Im getting both consoles and i couldnt care less, besides outlast.
thereapersson  +   598d ago
Bastion was one of the most critically acclaimed games on Steam. This developer isn't just another one-off.
TomShoe  +   598d ago

Quit being a hater.
Xsilver  +   598d ago
wow now indies are boring Bastion,Journey,fez,supermeatb oy,castle crashers,Hotlinemiami,Guacamel ee,Limbo,Minecraft,Braid. None of these games are boring everyone loves these games stop trying to downplay indie devs, developers are developers just because one has a bigger budget doesn't mean they're different they both makes games for people to play and have fun smh. Matter of fact telltale games are indie devs and made Walking dead you know that amazing game that won game of year.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   598d ago
They should have no problem getting this game to run @1080p, 60fps on ps4 because for one, they don't have to concern themselves about port equality and second, its an indie game.
Magicite  +   598d ago
Do You understand that indie developers eventually can grow into AAA-game makers? They just need more support, nowadays large budget games are coming close to Hollywood movies, so making and publishing them is not for everyone, like it was in NES/SNES times and before.
MWong  +   598d ago
This and Rime are my most wanted Indie games.
mcstorm  +   598d ago
Lol well its on pc so they could just say what ps fan boys always say and say I will get the pc version. See its easy to spin things round and round.
Benjammin25  +   598d ago
And your totally welcome to say that. Just don't try to pass off Titanfall as an Xbox one exclusive when it's released. :)
wiz7191  +   598d ago
@Benjammin25 but it is a console exclusive learn the difference you can only play it on Microsoft platforms and pc is a Microsoft platform ..
devwan  +   598d ago
@wiz7191 360 says hi
Xsilver  +   598d ago
@wiz7191 i could say the same thing about Mass effect and look how that turned out>_> http://img8a.flixcart.com/i... .
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Benjammin25  +   598d ago
@wiz7191 What's your point? At launch, Transistor is also going to be a console exclusive.
mcstorm  +   598d ago
@Benjammin25 I agree I was just making a point that things can be turned around. I never claim anything on consoles as there is no point in doing that.
Moncole  +   598d ago
Xbox gets Bastion. Playstion gets Transister. and PC gets both.
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Spinal  +   598d ago
PC Wins!

Flawless Victory!!

Hehe xD
FamilyGuy  +   597d ago
Most the time PC wins, but not always, for example: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Completely, 100% PS4 exclusive, even though The Chinese Rooms previous title was on PC (Dear Esther)
GTgamer  +   598d ago
I choose indie games over kinect games anyday of the week.
RenegadeRocks  +   598d ago
My most loved game on the platform ! I am really happy smaller devs are getting centre stage now.

And for all you fanboys, there are ex COD devs in there and they make stupendofantabulous games !
malokevi  +   598d ago
"oh.....no....now the x1 fanboys will say "its a indie so it doesnt count" like they say about resogun...smh."

Funny how people suddenly assume there has to be an XB1 version of every single game that comes to Playstation. When did this become an issue?

Last I remember, there are plenty of games, indie, arcade, or otherwise, that don't come to both consoles. I can think of a few that aren't coming to playstation...

Is this just another excuse for N4G to go "neener neener neeeeneeerrrr!" Has it ever occurred to any of you that this isn't a big deal? Or that maybe some of us are getting both consoles? Or that maybe the world isn't as black/white as you would like to have us believe?

Just give it a rest. This is getting pathetic.
bujasem_89  +   598d ago
i recently started playing bastion... I gotta say if its anything like it I'm gonna love it! I cannot wait.
TechMech2  +   597d ago
I'm an xbox fan, but dealing with x1 fanboys is terrible. I've heard nothing but stupid one liners from x1 fanboys ripping on ps4 with cheezy names. I'm buying an Xbox one, but nobody should forgot how Microsoft almost destroyed console gaming,
Kingthrash360  +   597d ago
man such a real comment...you sir are a tru gamer.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   597d ago
I know TechMech its one thing to enjoy the XBOX games. But the blind loyalty to a company that was basically giving gamers the finger is what blows me away. I might have thought about buying an XBOX ONE further down the road but I cant support those guys anymore.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   597d ago
Just keep rolling out the games SONY!
Kingthrash360  +   597d ago
Chaostar  +   598d ago
This game is firmly planted on my radar. It's incredibly stylish and the words "turn-based" and "strategy" have me even more excited for the gameplay.

Btw has this game been playable at any expos, has anyone played it? Thoughts please.
devwan  +   598d ago
This is in my top 3 most anticipated ps4 games. turn based strategy is the pinnacle of gaming excellence for me... OK, back off to Disgaea D2 for me for a little on the light-humoured trpg side of things ;-)
MotoDot  +   598d ago
Can't wait to play it on PS4 !
jackanderson1985  +   598d ago
where exactly does he say it's not coming to xbox? he also says console debut when referring to the PS4 which one could take as it's going to eventual come over if demand warrants it
TheKayle1  +   598d ago
if u want more than 1080 and 60fps well get it on pc clearly
if u r a cheap arse....and u cant buy a gaming rig get it on ur console
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GTgamer  +   598d ago
If your spending money on a game rig then by all means do u don't call people cheap because they rather just buy a console not all gamers have time for that BS.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   598d ago

I'd rather be "cheap" and smart than ummm... ridiculous... and buy a rig for an indie game that can easily be runned on ps4 @1080p, 60fps.
saint_seya  +   597d ago
If u are a guy that noone cares about, talk about high end rigs, at least u can brag about something..
TheKayle1 theory, better to try to get troll hate than get ignored, cuz noone really cares about him :)

OT: this game looks cool, i wanna try it.
TheKayle1  +   597d ago
saint this site like others is becoming my laughin part of the web....

i dont try to find some approval from ppl that dont want listen...im reading ur comment u r jsut a butthurt from everything that could go against ur god sony...

Sony as Ms dont pay me and i didnt sell my soul to one of them...
most of the time u talk about gaming machine that THIS time...r just (both of them) weak if u r someone who already got some serious gpu in ur pc...

if u still havent see a mid/high nvidia gtx (or a amd comparable one) in action..well u can maybe will be impressed from what u see from ps4 and xb1..but no...not me

i said the truth if u r an harcore player u will play everything u can on pc...if u cant have a nice rig...buy a 300$ console that suffer (most of the time)at 1080@60 with next gen graphics (particles effects/high AA/tassellations etc etc like ps4 and xb1 will

(ps. ill buy both console but certainly not for multiplat games)

if u remember watch dog system requirements u will understand pretyt quickly what im trying to say

the pc Recommended system (and this will be the console versione) ask for a old gen mid lvl gpu
GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1.2tf ..ala xb1)
Radeon HD 7850 (1.7tf ala ps4)
we are talkign at gpu that r 2 generations OLD and this is what we get inside the consoles 77/78 amd serie

if u ask for Ultra graphics watch dog devs ask for a gpu that can do 2.5tf ..something that is just in the ballpark of pcs


and i dont wanna talk about cpu coz already in the recommended system the console seem cpu bound
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Army_of_Darkness  +   597d ago
Calm down there nerdy professor. Breathe slowly. Sit on your computer chair. Turn on your monitor and computer and play your amazing pc games that you just love bragging about. ....hi5!
Ohlmay  +   598d ago
Timed exclusive most likely, but I'll get it on PC.
Melankolis  +   598d ago
I don't think this kind of game really take benefit from 60fps. Even 30fps is more than enough.
Kuse  +   598d ago
You can keep your precious indies, I'll keep Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome...
saint_seya  +   597d ago
Im sry in wich part of the article is talking about Ryse or Dead rising? I dont remember they saying about having frame rates problems, or low resolutions, or copy pasted enemies with low AI, so i dont understand how is related to those games..
Hicken  +   597d ago
You can keep your ported over 360 games. I'll keep Killzone, Drive Club, Resogun, Rime, inFamous, and who knows what else.
AceBlazer13  +   598d ago
I see, we're still at Indies don't count and pc is apparently Microsoft's platform.smh.I'd rather stick with my Indies than force myself to appreciate Kinect any day.
MAULxx  +   597d ago
Indie or not, this is one of my most anticipated PS4 games along with many retail games coming in 2014.

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