What does Japan really think of Xbox One?

The Xbox brand’s performance in Japan is often painted as disastrous by analysts and critics, but what’s it really like? VG247′s Dave Cook asks two Japanese indie devs for their thoughts at grassroots level.

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stonecold31746d ago

Microsoft should stay out of japan it would be crazy to launch xbox one there ?

fsfsxii1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I can't even imagine the disastrous launch.

MS should probably scrap japan, all of the money they're wasting there should be put in hiring better PR people

zerocrossing1746d ago

The problem is that Japan already has both Sony and Nintendo to satisfy their gaming needs, and with both being Japanese companies they are a lot more in tune with what their Japanese consumers want.

MS being a western company have a very western, American oriented approach to their game development and marketing that just doesn't resonate well with many Japanese gamers.

MizTv1746d ago

M$ has been trying for years in Japan
They just don't want it

UltimateMaster1746d ago

Xbox bought a bunch of JRPGs for exclusivity back on the 360.
But even so, when the PS3 came out, outsold and outpaced the Xbox 360.

But Microsoft still have a ton of money to throw out of the Windows.

P0werVR1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


Come on man, I'm surprised no one is mentioning the "elephant in the room".

It's simple, US is a "heterogeneous" society and more open. Japan is a "homogeneous" society and wouldn't touch anything American. Unfair? Yes, but hey those are the trade offs of life.

If anything, Microsoft needs to find a way to become JAPAN! Simple. Games will do that, but overall marketing will do more.

Leave it to the Japanese to handle Microsoft. No influence from the HQ from the states.

T21745d ago

@powervr - Japanese have always loved American pop culture and I bet they all have windows ... Nope xbox has never had the games Japan wanted ... Sure they have gundam, ff, dynasty warriors now but why switch now its too late

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Magicite1746d ago

As long as it makes profit there, no reason to avoid that land or any other.
Besides if X1 really want to succeed, then Japanese devs are very important.

chrissx1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

M$ will always be down the pecking order when it comes to video gaming in japan.they prolly know this but its always good to give it a shot

Eonjay1746d ago

"The Xbox brand’s performance in Japan is often painted as disastrous by analysts and critics, but what’s it really like?"

Please forgive me but this is bull. Analysts aren't painting anything... the sales are actually bad... in real life.

Here are last weeks numbers:

3DS LL - 93,757 [2,111,579]
3DS - 40,487 [995,516]
PS3 - 11,382 [640,141]
PS Vita – 6,031 [710,098]
Wii U – 5,909 [457,348]
PSP – 4,805 [373,453]
Wii – 866 [60,908]
Xbox 360 – 511 [19,546]

Being outsold by nearly every console by an actual order of magnitude or higher = bad brand performance.

Sales are bad, confirmed.

knifefight1746d ago

And then we have stuff like this interview with MS Japan themselves:

When the interviewer brings up the low sales numbers of the 360 (hasn't sold 1.7 million yet in 8 years), the Microsoft guy basically refuses to look at reality and says:
"Well, first, I am not allowed to say the exact number. But, I wouldn't say that Xbox 360 sales were low. To some people it was low, but to us, each user means so much [as an underdog company]. An individual user is very important to us, so even though the numbers might not be as high as some other systems, we will continue to show support to Japan." He says more than that, but wow. 360 sales were not low? Oh come on.

Ezz20131746d ago

"Well, first, I am not allowed to say the exact number"

yet, they can't stop talking about NPD numbers ?! 0_o

Magicite1746d ago

Nintendo stated that they are stopping Wii production in Japan, yet it still outsells X360, which according to MS is supposed to last 3 more years.
I think that pretty much shows the real picture.

insomnium21746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I think the most likely answer to the title would be "what's an xbox?". Japan is too smart for MS's shenanigans. All those initial XBone stuff (DRM etc.) told them they are the devil and all the 180s afterwards told them they are the devil with no backbone.

One word for MS: Consistency. You will never ever get Japan to buy your stuff without a backbone. No matter how sleazy you are (or try to be) Japan is too smart. They are out of your reach MS. Sad (is it really?) but true.

Septic1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Ugh...what a ridiculous post. (And I'm kicking myself for responding to it..)

"Japan is too smart for MS's shenanigans"

" they are the devil and all the 180s afterwards told them they are the devil with no backbone. "

"You will never ever get Japan to buy your stuff without a backbone. "

"No matter how sleazy you are "

"Sad (is it really?) but true."

The only thing sad here is your post and that's the truth. The generic 'MS are evil overlords and work for Satan' rhetoric is getting tiresome. Both the Xbox and Xbox 360 did not resonate with Japanese gamers- its simply because of MS' lack of focus or understanding of the market. That's it.

Learn a bit about business and stop preaching like its your religion.

[EDIT] Having read through my post, I actually did a double-take when I read out this part that I quoted, thinking, surely he didn't type that:

"they are the devil and all the 180s afterwards told them they are the devil with no backbone. "

What is wrong with you lol?

christocolus1746d ago

fbs will always fond something to say..if ms decided not to launch in japan i can imagine what biased gamers and the media would say..they always find a way to spin it to their taste..that aside its good ms is doing this..they arnt giving up yet on the few fans they have there and japan is actually home to many of the devs working on games for xbox they shudnt just just needs to study that market properly..japanese have very unique tastes and culture..

stuna11746d ago

The question I would like to know the answer to would be; If Microsoft decided not to bring their consoles to Japan at all would it be a different story? We all know how certain consumers/gamers react when they have to wait for extended periods for a product to be localized for their region! A lot of them choose to have them shipped from another region. Would Japan's gamers do the same? And would it really make a difference?

T21745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Exactly look I stated from day 1 you have a finite message you put out there that people retain ... MS came out right away and it was TV this , kinect that ... Everyone in Japan knows the tv sht wont work there and kinect is what it is ...i actually think they woulda liked 360 if they tried it
They also know that Sony will always have final fantasy, dynasty warriors , fighting games , jrpgs , etc ...
So will xbone but when xbox started it had the rep of bro box halo console ... Unfair maybe but hey im in Canada and I bet no tv crap works here ... We dont even have same netflix

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