PlayStation making games for iOS and Android, represents 'total shift' in thinking

By releasing games and apps on mobile devices, Sony believes it will be able to increase its reach. "Even if you don't own a PS4, it can be a way to find out what's happening in the PlayStation world," Yoshida said. Specifically referring to the Knack mobile game, he said: "People might be motivated, because they've already unlocked some items, to take a look at what this Knack game on the PS4 is all about."

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iamnsuperman1814d ago

Well playstation certified devices was the first step. I can see them totally abandoning the handheld gaming market after the PS Vita has been out for long enough time and going down this route (especially when Gaikai releases).

Freedomland1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Total shift = Total expansion

I think handheld gaming devices are not going anywhere. People use home consoles over computers, because of ease of use.
Mobile phone and devices can not replace handheld gaming devices because they are easy to play game with and have dedicated controller setup.

joeorc1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )


"I can see them totally abandoning the handheld gaming market after the PS Vita has been out for long enough time and going down this route (especially when Gaikai releases)."

well it would not be leaving the mobile market, more like move the mobile playstation to a attachment to a living room console you can take on the go anywhere. that way smart devices are really just an even further extension to this method. as for being a dedicated handheld sold by itself seperate from the main console ? that will depend on psvitas sale through total life time sales after the support cycle ends. which looks to be a quite a way off right now anyway.


"Sony just needs go third party already."

really? lmao

why is that, so as to purchase lower spec'd hardware at a primo price, from both Nintendo, an Microsoft but get better hardware at a much lower price with Sony. but you would rather pay more for less?

that may be you, but not me. i would rather see microsoft go 3rd party, hell they pretty much are anyway. their 1st party teams produce fewer # of exclusives vs what both Sony and Nintendo produce. so you tell me who really should go 3rd party, i would vote none..but you would still stick with Sony.

ICECREAM1813d ago

I think Sony is trying to access every device out there with help of Gaikai and Ps brand name.

SIGNALS1813d ago

They way Sony is trying to expand this time, no wonder you will see Ps logo in XBone apps.

3-4-51813d ago

Sony is NOT abandoning dedicated hand held gaming.

They would not just hand over their portion of the pie to Nintendo, who already has like 70% of it.

Sony will be fine, Vita is becoming better by the day/game.

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darx1813d ago

Knack? Sorry but an app is not going to help that game. Sales will be on the lower end of the totem pole for that game.

savaroth1813d ago

Thank you for sharing your wisdom here, we greatly appreciate insightfull post like these.

Ron_Danger1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

It's got higher preorder numbers than certain other games:

For those too lazy to click the link, but not lazy enough to click "disagree", this is the article that shows Knack having higher preorder numbers than Titanfall (you know, that "revolutionary" FPS that has won around 100 awards from various trade shows, yet somehow can't win that preorder numbers battle that do many fanboys cling to).

GameCents1813d ago

You mean the game without a release date vs the one launching in a couple of weeks?

By that logic, Knack will outsell Halo 5.

Ron_Danger1813d ago

Yeah... The same game that has no release date but you can still preorder it.

Kinda like how you could preorder both the PS4 and XBox One before they had release dates (and I don't have figures in front of me, but I'm pretty sure prerelease date announcement, one was leading the other, and still is, by a huge margin).

GameCents1813d ago

Lets wager, I say TitanFall launches at more sales than Knack. Dare to say different?

gaelic_laoch1813d ago

SONY could branch out and make ports for the XbonE!

Pogmathoin1813d ago

ouch, they did not like that... heres an agree for ya and a thumbs up.... Some fanboys are in mourning just from the title, probably never even read the article!

gaelic_laoch1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I don't know what the problem is, sureits not like the PS4 and Xbone are even in the same league anymore.

SONY could make massive revenue by selling games on WiiU and the Xbone now and prepare for the PS5!

I know its all Fantasy Island but it is time to start thinking outside of the BOX!

Pogmathoin1813d ago

Sony makes computers using windows ffs.... These fairies on this site are incomprehensible... I dunno.... They would choose PS over Kate upton.... Stupid....

The_Villager1813d ago

Sony just needs go third party already.

Bigkurz851813d ago

You must be forgetting how we're just one (approaching two) generations removed from Sony creating the most successful game console of all time.(PS2)

And if Sony wasn't making the ps4, there wouldnt be any more GAME consoles coming next gen. Support the company that cares about gamers!

Ron_Danger1813d ago

It's cute how you obviously didn't read the article. All the article is about is that don't is releasing free companion apps for their PS4 games that unlock content for the corisponding PS4 game.

It's sort of like how Microsoft put out that "Halo" game on the Surface tablet except that wasn't free and didn't unlock anything for other games. So based on your logic, Microsoft should back out of consoles and just make text games for graphing calculators.

Bathyj1813d ago

Me quoting Jack Trenton, quoting JFK.