After a rough year, GREE still goes big at Tokyo Game Show

SD writes: Back in 2011 the Tokyo Game Show was GREE’s coming out party, with the company planting a very big footprint in the gaming world – quite literally too, occupying about 10% of the entire floorspace. That exhibition was interpreted by some to be more political than practical, a show of power from a company poised to take over the world via smartphones.

Skip to 2013 and we find that GREE, while still a mobile powerhouse, has had to scale things back.

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AllroundGamer1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

it's how they spell Glee.

Chrono1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

A very popular Japanese social platform (chatting, social games, etc). Something like Facebook but designed mainly for mobile. The creator of this platform became Japan's youngest billionaire.

Klonopin1813d ago

It's only a matter of time before Japanese wannabes start flooding the site.

CEOSteveBallmer1813d ago

Don't know why most japanese gamers nowadays are going crazy over GREE games. in gaming, its like a step backwards. Really?? you would rather play mobile games than console games??