GTA V Online to be up and running smoothly today (hopefully)

Rockstar Games has announced that they hope to release a patch today that will fix all the bugs and glitches in their latest offering.

bosbvok941d ago

There are so many people desperate to play this, I really hope it will be up and stable properly today.

Choc_Salties941d ago

yup, i want some of that action! I am an entitled gamer, dagnabit!

HoldenZA941d ago

This game really is a ton of fun once you manage to get in !

HanCilliers941d ago

God help Rockstar if the patch doesn't fix te issues :p

GabeSA941d ago

I went online today and I can say that it has been smooth so far. Of course I am getting kicked by other players which is affecting my "good sport" rating which I think is a load of hogwash.

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