High Resolution Off-Screen Images of Battlefield 4 Running on Xbox One

Take a look at two high-resolution images of Battlefield 4 running on Xbox One. These are off-screen images but it still show how beautiful Battlefield 4 looks on Microsoft's next-gen console, Xbox One.

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dazzrazz1662d ago

Two screenshots and this is how you make an article ladies and gentlemen !

Gamingcapacity1662d ago

The pictures might be high res but they're blurry. Not the best.

thechosenone1662d ago

"Tracking lost reposition yourself in the Kinect sensor window"

lol yeah because that's what you want to concern yourself with during a firefight a kinect tracking issue.

mhunterjr1662d ago

The story for me is that this confirms that the xb1 version uses Kinect. Now I'm wondering how. Hopefully it enables head tracking in vehicles.