Telltale's episodic adventure The Wolf Among Us can be pre-ordered now

Telltale Games have announced that their upcoming graphic novel universe-based episodic adventure game The Wolf Among Us can be pre-ordered now for the PC via Steam or Telltale’s website; doing so now will net you a 10% discount off the $24.99 price of the full season, while acquiring via Telltale’ website will also get you a bonus collector's DVD available at the end of the season.

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Whatsupdog1780d ago

Reminds me of the TV show Once Upon A Time :-)

Whatsupdog1779d ago

Its decent enough. An interesting take on fairy tales and their characters.

Nod1779d ago

The Fables Comics started in 2002.

Once Upon a Time happened just after ABC decided not to take up an option on Fables.

Make of that what you will.