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Submitted by SactoGamer 859d ago | interview

Nintendo talks Super Mario 3D World with News10

Nintendo of America's David Young presents the latest with Super Mario 3D World, a new game coming to Wii U this November. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

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thomasmiller  +   859d ago
I am so excited about this game, even over the galaxy games, this mario game is going to be my favorite! all the cool power ups, levels, new gameplay elements, new enemies and boss fights! this is what the mario series needed, a breath of fresh air!! this is a must buy game for me, day one!
Theyellowflash30  +   859d ago
This game could out due Galaxy, the powerups actually stay with you unlike Galaxy.

Multiplayer is a nice addition. And the different type of levels look very creative. Nintendo EAD is one of the best, if the the best in the world.
chrissx  +   859d ago
This game will be absolutely awesome no doubt.
sonymamaman   859d ago | Spam
jaymart2k  +   859d ago
2nd GOTY?
Crillvirus81  +   859d ago
Funny how everyone was dissing this game when they first revealed it ..but I was defending it from the that every ones seen more of it they wanna act like they liked it back then and all these Web sites are praising it now lol ..I never gave up on them after the reveal Nintendos console Mario games are allways great

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